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Jazz Up Those Baby Toes!

What a fun product! If you are looking for something different and special, these socks fit the bill. I received a box of Jazzy Toes Baby Socks – Variety Original Girls (0-12 months) to try out with my six-month-old daughter.

Each of the six pairs of socks is styled to resemble a different type of shoe including sneakers, cowboy boots and Mary Janes. My favourite is the pink socks with brown sandals… too cute… and hilarious!

Jazzy Toes socks are made of cotton-nylon-spandex blend that wash up well with little to no shrinkage. The 0-12 month size is generous and will continue to fit my daughter for several months (unlike a lot of 12-month socks I have bought that seem to shrink to 3-month size after the first wash!).

The elasticized ankles and non-skid soles are other great features that make Jazzy Toes socks not only a novel gift idea, but also a quality product. Each set of socks comes in its own mail-able gift box with a variety of colours and styles to choose from.

I have loved putting these special socks on my daughter. We get lots of reactions to the socks (they fool a lot of people into thinking they are shoes!) and my daughter has developed a keen interest in playing with her own “Jazzy Toes”. This is a really fun product that is definitely going on my list of great baby gift ideas.


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