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Jenna Dewan Steps Out in Beverly Hills

Mom-to-be Jenna Dewan was spotted out and about on Thursday in West Hollywood visiting an office building.

Pregnant Jenna Dewan Out And About In West HollywoodPregnant Jenna Dewan Out And About In West Hollywood

Due this Spring, the actress showed off her growing belly in a black fitted dress, which she paired with a scarf and flats.

Earlier this month Jenna’s husband, actor Channing Tatum, revealed that he may need some coaching before their new baby arrives.

“I have never changed a diaper before, so I may need some help learning.” Channing, 32, told People.

“I don’t have friends who have kids, so it’s going to be an interesting experience to learn how to change a diaper. I hope I don’t have any problems where the diaper falls off and the baby poops on the ground.”

“But once the baby is born, I’ll definitely do the diaper changing. If it means touching the poop and getting peed on, I’ll still do it. I’m up for the challenge.”

He is also mastering the art of keeping his pregnant wife happy.

“Oh man, I’m not even getting into what I do to pamper Jenna. I’m doing anything that she asks for,” he explains. ”She jokes to me all the time by saying, ‘If I feel good, then the baby feels good’ or ‘If I’m happy, then the baby is happy.’ And I’m like, ‘That is such an urban myth. You’re just saying that to get me to do everything for you.’”

“I know it’s probably true, but I like to joke about it and she hates it. I’ll go to the store to pick up shakes or give her 1000 foot rubs. A foot rub now through the nine months if I have to, just to keep her happy and comfortable.”

Love him!



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