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Jessica Alba Talks Pregnancy and Her Favorite Things In Fit Pregnancy

Mom-to-be Jessica Alba talks to Fit Pregnancy about her favourite pregnancy items and the products she already favors for her new baby, believed to be a girl.

Maternity clothes

Maternity Spanx are my favorite right now. The stomach is cut out so its fantastic when I’m wearing a nice dress because there is no chafing! I am wearing a lot of Juicy right now also, long dresses with extra room in the bust so everything is in a bigger size but if I go for maternity clothes, I like Pea in the Pod.


Flip-flops, of course. I just don’t want to wear anything else on my feet at this point!


I like a lot of fragrances by Fresh because they are so clean. I also love Jo Malone for the same reason. With my sense of smell being so heightened, it’s really important to have something clean and simple. I’m also really liking citrus mixed with florals.

Baby items

I love Petit Bateau, they have some really nice baby clothes but my favorite clothing item for the baby are vintage clothes. I went to France to a vintage flea market and they had little outfits that the baby goes home in, made out of this cotton from the late 1800s and it was so beautiful! I am going to have my stylist put little buttons on it because they used to use safety pins back then but it feels so special because it’s not made anymore.


Orbit is my favorite. It’s a hybrid stroller that looks like half an egg. You can use it as a car seat and a stroller so you never have to take the baby out of it. Then when the baby gets bigger you can put a toddler seat in so it’s really practical. It’s also eco-friendly so that’s another nice thing; I’ve been trying to get a lot of eco-friendly products.

Any other favorite baby gear you have your heart set on?

The crib and other baby furniture I’m getting is through the charity Step Up Womens’ Network (SUWN.ORG). I’ve been working with them since I was about 20 helping to service underprivileged women. They started a modern baby furniture collection with simple lines. I think often the baby’s room doesn’t fit in with the rest of the house, but this collection really goes with the rest of our house. The crib is also completely sustainable and the other furniture has low-VOC paint.

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  • dear jessica alba,
    omg i lov u so much……ur so down to earth and so cool…..i think you are unique and have your own style and thats what makes you better from the rest….i like you alot and i really want to be an actress to….(just like you)…=)….every one thinks i like you too much but i dont care wat they think….you rock!!…if you answer back i will be so happy..ohh and i go to the same middle school you went to…(145)…i am 14…oh n your baby “honor marie” is so cute….bye lov you take care

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