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Jessica Alba Talks Pregnancy and Hypnobirthing

If you’re a parent of more than one child you’re likely all too familiar with the recent comments, Hollywood actress, Jessica Alba made concerning how hard a second pregnancy can be.

The Little Fockers actress who is pregnant with her second child (with husband Cash Warren), explained that this pregnancy is much harder than the first one.

“It’s a little harder on the body,” she said. “My daughter still wants to be picked up and ever since my belly popped she’s really on me.”

Jessica also revealed that during her first labor, with daughter Honor Marie, she utilized the hypnobirthing technique.  Hypnobirthing has become widely known as an increasingly popular means of achieving a natural childbirth where women use hypnosis to eliminate pain and fear from the birthing experience.

“I highly recommend it,” she added. “It just makes you chill. I was freaked my first time going into labor, like, ‘What if I panic? What if I just freak out and am not prepared for it?’ This just prepares you.”

The 30-year-old beauty also admitted that becoming a mother has stopped her from being “selfish”.

“My daughter has put everything in perspective for me,” Jessica said. “You stop being selfish and driven in such a narrow personal sense, and you want to build a life for yourself and your family.”

One thing is for sure.  Pregnancy hasn’t slowed Jessica down.  Just a day after returning home from a birthday getaway to Mexico the mom-to-be headed to Washington to help support Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s chemical safety bill.

The bill “would ensure that the chemicals we are exposed to every day have been tested and proven safe for mothers, children, and all Americans,” Senator Lautenberg told the media “I appreciate Jessica joining our fight to keep families healthy as we move this important legislation forward.”

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  • I think it’s great that someone as high profile as she is is open about using hypnobirthing. It’s a wonderfully natural way to give birth and it really does totally relax you, which makes the whole thing so much easier and stress free.

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