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Jon and Kate Catch Up With Oprah

Amidst rumors that they are headed to splitsville, Jon and Kate and their eight kids appeared on Oprah yesterday to update her on how things have been going and offer some advice to a family that is about to welcome quadruplets.


Since their last visit the sextuplets turned 4 years old and started preschool. The family moved into a new home and took a special trip to Hawaii, where Jon and Kate renewed their wedding vows in front of their eight children.

And if eight isn’t enough…they recently welcomed two new members to the family, puppies named Shoka and Nala.

During filming for their popular tv show, Kate keeps some semblance of order in their Pennsylvania home by having everyone follow a few strict rules.

  1. Cameras aren’t allowed past the island in Kate’s kitchen.
  2. Shoes off. Crew members shoot footage for the show in their socks.
  3. No filming in the bedrooms. The kids—and parents—need privacy.
  4. Typically, there’s no shooting on Sundays because the entire family goes to church.
  5. If there’s something they don’t want to be filmed, the Gosselins can put up their hands or ask the cameramen to go away.

Jennifer and Kevin, a couple from San Antonio, Texas, appeared via Skype to ask Jon and Kate for some advice. Jennifer is pregnant with quadruplets—two boys and two girls—and the couple already have two other children!

“I would say it’s definitely doable,” Kate says. “As our babies were coming home, I remember when we got up to four—we brought two and then one and then the fourth one home—things started to get a little hairy. But I’ve always said, ‘Between us, we have four arms.'”

Kate says parents of multiples may also need more time to bond with each child. “I can honestly say, looking back, it took a full year until I felt solely and completely bonded with each of my babies,” she says. “You don’t have enough time in the day to sit and do that bonding.”

While there’s never enough time, sleep or money, Jon says he wouldn’t change a thing. “That was our decision [to keep all the babies], and we would never take it back ever,” he says. “Never regretted it.”

In addition to the advice and update, Oprah also posted a lengthy excerpt from the couple’s book Multiple Blessings.


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  • Hi,
    I’ve watched your show and just fell in love with the children. I’ve noticed though that Kate does have her favorites when it comes to her children. I’ve read her book and I read the comment where she states that she bonded early on with “one” of her sextuplets and that she loves her children differently BUT equally. That comment disturbed me because I always felt you are suppose to love ALL of your children the same. I was also watching another show where Jon took the kids on a hike in the woods and all the kids had sticks to walk with. One of the children “tapped” the other child(who I feel is the favorite out of all the rest) on the head with her stick. This child began to cry and Jon turned around and yanked that stick from that precious childs hand so forcibly that I felt her pain and then he broke her stick in two and threw it away. Now that truly broke my heart when she started to cry. I feel that if Jon is frustrated or tired and the kids are getting on his nerves then he should’ve taken them back home. I am a retired kindergarten teacher assistant and there are ways you can speak to children. May I suggest parenting classes and getting help in learning how to discipline your children. When you put a child in “time out” you should set a timer for no longer than the age of that child, for instance, if your child is 2 years old then that child only stays in time out for ONLY 2 MINUTES!! Please be patient with those precious angels. Stop all the yelling to each other and get it together for your children’s sakes. REMEMBER THAT CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE AND YOUR CHILDREN ARE LEARNING FROM YOU.

  • As Kate has stated she was not well traveled nor had assorted life experiences when she met Jon. Can’t swim, no love of water or water sports, no camping, hiking, refused to even hike up a mountain in California, no winter sports, indoors or out, shrieks at every bug,
    crawling or flying, can ride a bike just not well, can not roller skate, plus Kate knows it all, forced by her parents to practice piano.(finaly they made Kate do something)
    Kate … has alienated all of her family including sister-in-law Jodi/Kevin her brother.
    Heard it was because Kate refused to allow TLC to pay them the token
    amounts TLC pays most regular guests on shows. Kate said if any one else recieved money she would cancel the show.
    So no more Jodi or Kevin!!!
    Where is Carly and her girls???
    What has happened to Jon’s friends???
    Most families have disagreements. Most families share equally in the mess. With Kate none of her family is around and according to Kate it is all thier fault. Hmmm, oh really!

  • It’s time for the show to end. they both need to get back to work and a real life. All kids are in school and everyone can have their space. They all can bring something to the dinner table.

    Kate needs to STOP being so mean! You can repeat your vows a thousand times, but if you have beaten the love up enough times there is nothing left.

    Who cares who TLC wanted to pay. It should be more the merrier.
    What a shame. When your choice is to have everything your way …YOU take the brunt of the resposibility’s as well. It’s time to chill out.

  • I have five children of my own and my husband does not help at all. I wish that I was firm early on in my marriage, like Kate, because if one person is doing it all, including working full time, there is not enough time to sit down together as a family. Kate is not mean at all. She has to keep things in order. Imagine if Kate was not there and everything was left up to Jon. Everything would be chaotic!

  • Stefana … my point exactly.
    Why not share your good blessings with those close to you.
    Kate is always saying Jon interrupts he…whoa!
    That is all Kate does do.

  • Jon and Kate started out as an endearing show, very real and unscripted. They have now “gone Hollywood”, from their appearance to their new McMansion. I feel sorry for their kids. They are being exploited. What on earth are these parents thinking? Can’t they get real jobs?!

  • I have watched the show since day 1. I love the advice that Kate gives. She can be mean sometimes but I think they are a team. But you can never promise anything. Kate alway’s tells the children that the will be together forever, nothing is FOREVER, trust me! I just hope that everything works out for the sake of the kids. I could just imagaine what would happen to the kids. Just be a little more nicer. (Kate) I really like John and Kate they are so smart with the kids. Best of luck

  • I’ve been watching the show for some time now and wow I give both Jon and Kate a lot of credit for what they’ve done so far. I’m sure it isn’t easy to raise that many children, and what a strain it must be on a marriage. As parents we sacrafice so much for our children, including our time with our spouse, I hope that Jon and Kate have the opportunity to make sure they have time for one another. Running a home daycare for many years I do understand what a mental strain it is to have so many children around the same age, it is wonderful and difficult all at the same time. I wish Jon and Kate and all the kids luck.

  • Poor Jon. Kate needs intensive therapy, but will never get it because she is never wrong, everyone else always is. Poor kids. Kids, even eight kids, can be brought up gently, with support and encouragement to be strong, respectful, caring adults. Sarcasm, favoritism, yelling only breeds resentment and insecurity…sad futures. Kate needs lessons from the man and woman with the 18 kids. Their lives are hectic, but they all help each other and the only loud voices are happy voices.

  • I feel sorry for the family. Kate has alienated family and friends. No wonder Jon is unhappy. Kate is obsessive complusive, controlling and degrading. She and Jon have no life outside of kids, kids, kids and the show-Unhealthy to say the least. Everyone needs an outlet once in a while. Men are not wired to deal with the day to day comradary of raising children and running the household like women are.
    He doesn’t even have the outlet of a job anymore.

    Kate wake up while you still have your family. Get some counseling girl.

  • I just saw Kate live at a local church during one of her speaking events. She is a wonderful person and a wonderful mom. Hearing her speck for an hour was awesome. She cried a little bit at the end when she was saying how awesome it is to be a mother b/c she missed her kids. It is a true blessing that all of her beautiful children are healthy. She has taught me that w/ God anything is possible and don’t ever give up. Kate, keep doing what you and Jon do. You are wonderful people and thank you so much for staying late to sign all of our books when you came to Roswell United Methodist Church in GA. Bless you and your family!

  • I think those of you who have problems with the way that they are interacting and raising those 8 adorable kids should maybe just stop watching the show. Imagine if you had their lives, how would you handle it, really- not how you think you would handle it. The kids are not exploited, did you see Oprah? They don’t film everyday, the cameras are NOT allowed in the kids’ bedrooms, when anyone doesn’t want to be on TV they put their hands up to the camera. That whole family has had a lot of opporunities they would not have been able to afford otherwise! They are one less large family that has to depend on the government for support! I just hope that what I have been hearing about the 2 of them having problems isn’t true and if it is I hope they can work it out for the sake of their family. I think they are doing a great job!

  • Kate is a typical Pennsylvanian; caustic, demanding, aggressive, and confrontational. I know my people, having been born and raised there. People from that region don’t realize how abrasive they are; they will often tell you how friendly and well mannered they and their neighbors are. Trust me..I’m an experienced observer of this behavior. If Jon is straying from his marriage, that is definitely not right to do. He has a huge commitment to Kate and his children and I hope that he re-evaluates his life and realizes that he picked Kate and now he has to live with it. Sorry , Jon. If I were there when you were dating her, I would have counseled you to take your time. Most of the women who go for infertility treatment are unstable, in MY opinion. They are looking for children to satisfy something that’s missing in their lives. There is a reason that God made them infertile. They have subverted nature by forcing biology to create these kids. Now that they are here, the kids need to be loved and nurtured. To do that, Kate needs serious therapy. She IS mean. You notice that its only the women who stick up for her and say she isn’t. These are the same women whose husbands will eventually cheat on them or leave them, or both. Men don’t want nagging mommies telling them what to do. If you want a man to do something, discuss it with him like an adult. Don’t order him around like he’s a child. That’s exactly what Kate does. She needs to stop this destructive behaviour, or she’ll lose her family.

  • I admire both of them for devoting their life to their kids. Obviously the kids are happy.
    It is really no ones business how you chose to raise your kids or your family.
    I certainly hope the issues are resolved and they continue to do a good job with their family.

  • I completely agree with Stacey’s comment. I’m amazed at some of these negative comments. I have YET to find a couple or parents that is perfect. I think Jon&Kate have done such a great job! I would LOVE to have a camera in your home to see how perfect you are with your significant other or with your family. It’s so easy to point out everyone else flaws! I wish nothing but the best for their family & children!

  • I really enjoy watching the show. Jon and Kate have there hands full! I am sure that they don’t do everything 100% right, but they try! And the kids are very loved. I have three kids and I know what toll it takes on a marriage! I think they are doing a great job. And the kids are soooooo cute! Kate and Jon are also looking better! I love Kate’s hair.

  • Ive watched every show and really love the show… I had three girls which are grown now. I admire u for being able to raise eight children. I do think Kate runs the show in that household. I think Jon should have more say.. I pray your marriage works. YOu all seem like really great people. I wish u all well.

  • I have PCOS same as Kate Gosselin, the worries of not being able to have a child runs across my mind everyday. So I totally understand how grateful she feels to have her children . I’M SURE HER AND JON DIDNT SAY HEY LETS HAVE 8 KIDS TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF!!!!!!!!!!! FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO TALK ALL THE TONS OF CRAP ON THE GOSSELINS are just PLAIN JELOUSE. ALL YOU PEOPLE WOULD DO THE SAME……NONE OF YOU ARE PERFECT AND YOU KNOW DARN WELL YOU WOULD NEVER TURN DOWN GIFTS AND MONEY. WE ALL HAVE TO MAKE A LIVING….they HAVE 8 KIDS LET THEM MAKE THEIR LIVING HOW THEY WANT!!! ALL YOU HATERS WOULD DO THE SAME!!!! everytime someone gets a little publicity and does good, someone always has to put a person down a try to ruin their life….how sad!! STAY STRONG GOSSELINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think they can work it out. Kate likes the show, Jon wants privacy. Too bad he didn’t speak up sooner, like maybe after season 1 or 2…why did he continue if he didn’t like it? But now that it’s out there, they have a choice and I think they will figure out a way to meet in the middle.

  • If you look back in archives this family was marketing these children before they were born. I feel that Jon and Kate use religion to tug at the purses of many and it has worked, it is very sad that these kids have to go through this so that two grown adults do not have to go to work everyday. There is so much literature out there on these two scam artists if you search you will find out lots, such as I did. I feel that so many are bashing Nadya Suleman and I think that Jon and Kate are the ones that should be questioned more on many issues, such as the time when they went to the state and said it was societies obligation to help raise their kids since society offered ivf, the thing is all the proof is out there but yet all these talk shows keep bringing these two scams on to tell how they scammed using their kids for their own greed. You would think that research would be done on these two by the reputable talk shows and I am just appauled that Dr.Phil sits back and ignores the facts and so does Oprah.. It is promoting more and more reasons for people to keep having kids they cannot afford and ruining so many childhoods in the process.

  • Wow! I really was taken back by the comments Mimi made: “Men are not wired to deal with the day to day comradary of raising children and running the household like women are.” Are you kidding me? I am not a femanist what so ever however I expect my husband to be just as “wired” as I am to deal with the duties of raising our children day to day…he enjoyed the process of creating them he can help raise them…as for Jon and Kate my husband and I both agreed last night…if we had cameras in our house video taping our lives I think people would probably have terrible things to say about us and how we act/treat each other and our three kids. It is time for everyone to start looking at themselves and their own lives and how make that better instead of worrying about the downfalls of everyone around us….

  • The reality is that nobody is perfect and this poor family has subjected themselves to putting themselves under the public’s magnifying glass in order to provide a life they could have only dreamed for their children otherwise. I agree with many of these comments – what would people say if your family were being recorded X hours of every week? Could you imagine cameras in your face before a shower and a cup of coffee? I agree that Kate does seam to be harsh with Jon at times but have you noticed that they cut away just before or after her comment – what caused her to react in such a way? The unfortunate truth is that there are probably many viewers who like to watch and judge Kate from their camera free homes regardless of how she acts and that impacts ratings. If people were truly offended they would stop watching the show or call the department of child and family services to complain. I think counseling is healthy for everyone and given the strain this family is under I agree that it probably makes sense and should be on TLNs dime. Also, it is important to support one another in making independent time away from the family. It only makes you stronger. Hang in there you two – there are many people who think you deserve everything you have received because let’s face it – it is most certainly a job and with that fickle industry you never know when it may end. I applaud you for your patience and strength for putting up with stones/comments from those who have apparently no sin for the good of your children. YOU GO GOSSELINS!

  • I would like to know who the hell Bob Knight thinks he is and where he got his information about “infertile women” You are a loser that should have been shot down the sink! “There is a reason God did this to them!” you are nuts buddy and have no clue! I know many wonderful people that have had to use infertility methods to conceive their own biological children! Get informed and keep your shallow comments to yourself! Oh yea and Jon and Kate need to work really hard and keep their family together! No one is perfect and their life is obviously hectic! Bob Knight must piss many people off, it worked for me!

  • HI I love Jon and Kate and have been an avid watcher of there shows and love every moment of it I never missed an episode! You go Gosselins do you people realize that this show is based on health? I hate all those negative comments from people who really should get a life if you hate them so much quit watching them why are you sitting there for a half hour watching if you think there bad? which there not! Ive learned recipies how to be patient from these two doting parents! How dare you people bad mouth her and God only gives us what we can handle go Gosseslins your doin a wonderful job keep at it

  • I have been watching the show from day one, and I really love it, but I must admit that Kate gets on my nerves because she has so many rules and regulations, and is so rigid, and very seldom listens to reason. I feel badly for Jon when she belittles him because a good wife does not try to emasculate her husband especially in front of other people. I think the reason he jokes around is to cover up his hurt at her sharp barbs. If she wants him in her life, she had better learn to be a whole lot nicer, and caring, and remember she is not perfect because none of us are. As for the children, I think they are good kids. Mady needs to be a little more disciplined because she is too much like her mother and she should be tought that she can’t have everything her way. The other children are sweet, and very smart, and with how many there are seem to get along quite well. I hope Kate learns to chill out and be nicer and her world will be a whole lot nicer, and Jon will enjoy being with her. Good luck to all of them.

  • WOW! Many of you are really mean! Unless you have lived their life, then keep your comments to yourself. My wife and I have a set of one year twins, and a six year old. I know the stress we are under, I can’t imagine twins and then 6. Unless you have lived the life of multiples then please be quiet. Finally, if you think she is mean…don’t watch…you are complain about the Mansion and the exploitation, but the show wouldn’t be on if you didn’t watch!

  • I agree with you father of 1 plus twins. My husband and I have 11 month old twins and a 3 year old. We are DEFINATELY stressed on a daily basis. The lack of sleep, proper nutrition,alone time etc. takes a toll after some time and makes it difficult. Anyone without multiples of any number has absolutely NO idea what it is like. People tell me “oh, I had two within 1 year of each other so I know exactly how you feel” Guess what people, you have no idea what life is like with multiples. I think Jon and Kate are doing a great job raising their kids and they love them dearly, isn’t that what matters? As for the comments about them alienting friends and family I don’t believe we will know the truth better than those involved so quit gossiping.

  • Thank you Lisa C–you go girl! I have PCOS also and am grateful everyday for my three children! Bob Knight should have been shot done the sink- then rinsed away just to be certain! Oh, and Mary- from what I have seen on this show they look like they are working to me! At least they are married and doing the best they can for their children! That woman who had 8 with NO DAD at home and already had what was it, 6 kids and NO DAD, should be cleaned out and not be allowed to concieve ever again! What the hell was that doctor thinking! Jon and Kate you keep up the good work with those kids, most of us here think you are doing a great job! Maybe if Jon is sick of filming he could look for a daytime job to remove him from the cameras prying eyes, just a thought, I wanna keep seeing new episodes!

  • I think Kate is awful…you can’t expect to be respected if you can’t respect others…there is no reason for her to be so demeaning to her husband…if you truely love your spouse you want nothing more than to make them happy, kids or no kids they were your spouse first…treat others as you would like to be treated…i would HATE it if my husband made me feel dumb and worthless all the time on national TV, so why would I want to do that to him…and people can stop saying how wonderful she is for raising 8 kids, of course she can raise 8 kids, she has a million dollar house, people to cook for her, money to buy anything and everything she wants, and a slave of a husband to do everything else…can you people seriously not see that…anythings easy with money…she’s a b***h…nuff said…sad how she says she willing to try anything to make her family happy..EXCEPT stop the show…hmmmm…

  • I think cameras in your house would really be stressful, but if it is too much to handle then maybe it is time to take a break from it? After all, the family and children and your mental health always come first. I think it was very wrong to alienate Jody and Kevin over some money which they deserved to have just as much. After all, they were always there to babysit whenever they were needed. This situation is turning into something completely different than what it was meant to be.

  • I think it is rediculous to think God makes someone infertile for a reason. My husband and I have been trying to concieve with a second child and are having lots of trouble. It is very devastating. We are considering IVF if we don’t concieve soon. I thank God that there are ways to help families have children that can’t. No one deserves to not ever know the love of a child. It is emotionaly, physicaly and mentaly draining when you can’t concieve and that was a horrible remark. My son and I watch every episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and I think they are wonderful christian parents and I have gotten realy good advice from the show. I know Kate has a strong personality but who wouldn’t with that large of a family. The children seem very happy and well rounded and well behaved children ao they must be doing something right as parents. Anyone who says that they have never gotten frustrated at times with their children or husband are lying. I am sure Kate has to be a little OCD to keep things running smoothly with 10 in a family. I also don’t understand why everyone says that it’s awful that they have this show and bad for their kids. The kids seem to enjoy and it’s not everday. I know if someone came to me and offered me a show I would definitely say yes and most people would if it meant security for their family. It’s fine so long as the kids are not forced to be in the episodes and bedrooms being off limits. I also like most parents would never turn down free clothes or toys for my kids. I think there kids will be grateful they did this show when they are all able to enroll in good colleges and have vehicles to get back and forth from their schools of choice which otherwise might not have been possible. If I had a way to ensure my childs future you better believe I would take. Jon and Kate ya’ll are wonderful parents and christians and Good Luck with your trials ya’ll are going through. God Bless.

  • It’s so sad to see what is happening to your family and your marriage. You both should do everything you can to save your marriage, and the future of your children lives. Divorce forever changes everything. It’s never the same. If it means that you both walk away from the show to save and salvage what you both have left, well then it would be worth it. You two seem so lost and have sacrificed the personal lives of your children and each other. Kate needs to back down and let Jon be a man, a husband, and a father. She wants to control him like he is a child. It’s no wonder he reached out for friendship outside of this nightmare. Maybe with professional help, and with the help of their faith and God, maybe by some miracle this marriage may be saved. We can only hope and pray that this will be the outcomes. Kate forgive Jon, and Jon forgive Kate!!! God Bless you all!!!

  • RE: Bob Knight – “Most of the women who go for infertility treatment are unstable, in MY opinion. They are looking for children to satisfy something that’s missing in their lives. There is a reason that God made them infertile. They have subverted nature by forcing biology to create these kids.”
    I think Bob, that you should re-evaluate your opinions on things you obviously know nothing about. How dare you make a comment like this. I am enraged by your comment but most specifically that “There is a reason that God made them infertile.” I happen to believe that if God made them infertile, they have the right to treatment of that infertility the same way a person has a right to treatment of cancer. By stating that they are infertile for a reason is proposterous…does that then mean that God makes children suffer from cancer for a reason!!!
    I cannot believe that you would make such a uneducated and predujice remark. If God intended Kate to be infertile, then the fertility treatments wouldn’t have worked 🙂 For sextuplets to be born so premature and yet all survived and thrived, It is with God’s grace that 8 precious little children are in this world.

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