John and Kate Gosselin Multiple Births

Jon and Kate Renew Their Vows In Hawaii

With TLC crew in tow, the Gosselins head to Maui as they renewed their wedding vows. Maybe its the season finale?


The kids look so cute in their beach wear with the girls wearing flowers in their hair!

The NY Post also reveals that Kate has a book coming out called “Multiple Bles8ings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets” which she co-wrote with Aunt Beth. ย  According to the description, the busy mom will share

details such as how they chose names; the sextuplets’ birth day of May 10, 2004; and the babies’ weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit are fascinating, as are stories of running a household that was perpetually full of volunteers, looked like “baby base camp” and required carefully sequenced nightly bath time. The Gosselins’ life is a whirlwind, with their book reflecting the fast-paced, faith-filled approach they take to raising their twins and their miracle sextuplets

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  • Yuck… I heard she was hateful to her “fans” and that the sponsors are sick of her diva 16 year old behavior and want to letemgo… I say go for it.

    I hope this train wreck goes off the air and those cute kids can grow up just normal..

  • I agree Kate is an absolute nightmare. The show is no longer enjoyable because all she does is whine and complain.She gets a tremendous amount of help even though the kids are getting older and more manageable. The kids can’t do anything without her flipping out. The more they are given the worse she gets.

  • I think that going to maui for a vow renewal is something most people with 1 child can’t do. What i am trying to say is that they act like they are broke on their show but who gets to do everything they do. i think people should stop feeling sorry for them and stop giving them things. I also think they should stop making money off their kids and let them grow up as normal as possibe. I will not watch the show again!

  • I think that you people are horrible for saying such rude and horrible coments. I would like you to see how you would act having all those kids, cameras, etc. around all the time. I think she is a wonderful mom that tries her best. She put her family on tv and YOU must love watching it because you are on this website writing about it. It must be hard for her to juggle all that and then to have you jerks criticize her parents makes it extra hard for her. I admire her–who ar you to judge!

  • Well, they’re gonna have to rewrite their vows, that’s for sure. I saw a webclip of their first wedding – Kate “promised” to always love and accept Jon as he is.

    as long as he loses weight, grows some hair, changes his shirt, ask her what he can do for her, bathes the kids, gets the kids to bed, gets the kids up, dresses the kids, makes the beds, brings Kate her coffee to her specified order, and generally just does whatever Kate says. It might have to be a two-part episode. Kate has a lot of demands.

    I wonder if Jon will ask for his balls back?

  • Lauren that was hilarious. “I will love you as long as you put me above everything else, including the kids and yourself.” I was married to someone like that and it took me a while to wake up but finally I did, and someday Jon will wake up too…it may not be till the kids are grown…I bet she was a spaz about keeping all those clothes pristine white!!!

  • so what all of you jealous people with the negative comments. if it was you and you could, you would do it too.

  • Look, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But no, I’m not jealous. I have four great kids of my own. And I’ve already been to Hawaii, lived in Japan, traveled through almost all of the US. My husband is the best. I wake up every day with a roof over my head, and food on my plate and healthy children, and that’s enough for me. I don’t sit around wishing that people would give me free handouts and “do” for me. I enjoy working for what I have. Thank you.

  • Lots of freebies. Watch old episodes of Kate and see how she has changed. Rumor is they get 65K per episode, 25K for speaking engagements, free organic chef, nanny and housekeeper (off camera) as well as freebie vacations. I feel sorry for the girls having to be on camera all the time and then go to school. And now Kate has supposedly removed all family from being part of their lives, including Aunt Jodi. There are some interesting blogs


  • I do not understand why people are so mean about how Kate is. You are entitled to your opinion but I have read nothing but nice comments from Kate to her fans and when she speaks at engagments… she is always very humble and nice. Jon still works for Beth’s husband and all of their “family” is still involved! They are filming all the time but they are not going to show every time they go to aunt jodi’s for a day… Also, there are many loving moments between Jon and Kate and don’t you think Jon would not be with her if it was really as horrible as you make it out? People give them things because it is advertising their product. For the first two years of the 6’s life they were barely making it. If you watch the first and second hour watch what the twins are eating and now watch what Kate wears… nothing fancy! She dresses like a normal person. Also, most of the money they do make the give to their church and to research for pediatric cancer. Also, they have donated a large amount to the hospital they had the babies at… As far as looking at the large houses… they need a much larger house with 8 kids… they are still growing and are going to need more room. It seems to me that they are either faking it for everyone or they are not making as much as you may think. If you really have a hard time with her attitude and their blessed life then maybe you should watch another channel during their show ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am a Jon and Kate plus 8 addict. I can watch the same epoisodes over and over and not get tired of them. I have a notebook of tips and ideas from Kate for when I have kids & I’m only 18. Sometimes, I wish I was in her position. She has a wonderful husband, beautiful & healthy kids, a nice home… she’s very lucky. There’s always going to be jealous people in this world & there is nothing wrong with the way Kate acts. Jon obviously loves her if he’s with her and does what she asks. Not too many men are like that anymore. The man is suppose to support the family… it’s in the bible! I hope the show continues till the kids are teenagers & I can’t wait to see how they’re going to be.

  • I think that both Jon and Kate are wonderful parents. Nobody knows what they would do with all of those kids unless they were put in that situation!!


  • I disagree with almost all of you. Kate is not turning into a diva, she is a great mom and does what is necessary to keep her house and kids in order. In the first episodes of the show, when it was called ‘surviving sextuplets and twins’ it was obvious that they didn’t have much money. I’m sure Kate doesn’t enjoy being followed everywhere by cameras and having her house packed full with a camera crew a few days a week but she puts up with it for her kids. She is not doing the show to publicize her kids she is doing it so herself and her husband can have a decent amount of money so her and her husband can raise their children the way families with fewer children would be raised. I love the show Jon & Kate plus 8 and I think that if some of you were put in Jon & Kate’s position you would probably be doing the same thing. Kate is the ultimate super-mom and deserves everything she gets.

  • Other couples have had multiple births and have not offered the kids up for profit. It just feels so wrong to me to take away a childhood for the sake of money. I have watched this show from time to time and I can’t say I’m impressed with the parenting skills shown by either parent. There seems to be alot of heavy-handedness by the parents. Also why does one child have to sleep in the basement..alone. The little girl who is one of the six seems to be singled out more than the others. Often times in a disfunctional family you will find one child used the “black sheep”, the one who is not accepted. Sad to see this happening on a nationally watched TV show. I wonder how long this show will be allowed to continue before perhaps the authorities step intervene.

  • I agree with all those who think that Jon and Kate is getting a little too annoying for its own sake.They eat organic all the time.Me can`t do it even with just 1 kid.I also don`t like how they dump their kids with aunt or their very good friend Beth (God bless them) for taking care of that brat Maddy.I sometimes have noticed their attitude towards Joel to be a little sarcastic.And does Jon even work or are they just happy with doing just the show?Hey who would work if they get 65k per episode

  • Those of you who think Jon & Kate are ‘selling’ their children must forget they don’t know any other life. The cameras have always been there so that is normal to them. I think it’s great that Kate worked as long as she could and that Jon and Kate always watched the kids themselves rather than sticking them in day care. With multiples, it is hard to get one-on-one time with each kid so I send only encouragement their way as they try to give each kid what each needs without taking away from the others.

    And those of you who think Jon should just wake up obviously don’t value marriage. If you are looking for someone perfect to marry, you’ll be single forever. Sometimes there are phases in marriage where one gives more than the other. But in the end, we only answer to God and as long as He is happy with you, no one else’s opinion matters.

    I love the show!

  • Yes…Kate used to be my idol! Key words: USED TO BE!
    I know for a fact that she is acting soooo DIVA these days. And its getting pretty hard to hide. No amount of editing can hide her bitchy attitude…or else there would be no airtime left for Kate. Hahaha!
    I dont know why they try to portray that they are hard up or struggling. I always watch the show “Kids By the Dozen” and those families are way MORE real. I dont even know why the Gosselins are getting too much hype. It’s just becoming too painful to watch them now…its like they’re trying too hard to keep the viewers interested. I love the first season…..the current season is just annoying. Kate is now officially…IRRITATING!!!

  • Crazy, it’s just a stupid tv show. You guys need to research what you let your little ones see. There’s a lot behind the scenes you don’t know about. Anyway, I think they are going to cancel them anyway in September. Too bad it had some possibility. Now it’s just a huge product placement ad.

  • BTW Charlies Mom,
    I know Aunt Jodi personally and no she is NOT involved in their life anymore. Also the whole family isn’t either. Please do your research before posting inaccurate information. Jon does not work for Bob Carson either, he is working from home. Bob and Beth do not talk to the Gosselins anymore. Please recheck your facts.

  • BTW Charlies Mom,
    I know Aunt Jodi personally and no she is NOT involved in their life anymore. Also the whole family isnโ€™t either. Please do your research before posting inaccurate information. Jon does not work for Bob Carson either, he is working from home. Bob and Beth do not talk to the Gosselins anymore. Please recheck your facts.

    scribbles! Anyone can say they know someone…but, you are just another poster here! You’re going to have to say more than “I know Jodi personally”! Try again!!

  • I agree, I watch Kids by the Dozen and those familys have 12-13 kids or more and no one give them free trips to all sorts of places! they budget, grow there own food, the kids work hard, and gee what about that other family The Duggars??? 18 kids! SHE deserves a medal!!! Kate is becoming a diva, rude to her husband…they get all kinds of free stuff. She needs to get over herself! I don’t like the show as much and haven’t watched in a long time.

  • I used to watch them all of the time but cannot stand the lies anymmore as someone else who lives in Pennsylvania and is now realizing the truth. I am so embarrassed that they call themselves Christians. Christians show love and give back. They are truly an embarrassment to all Christians and I am sure to their families for their behavior. I also feel bad for all who have been so good to them who they have just used and then threw away. Kate and Jon are without shame.

  • If you don’t like Jon and Kate plus 8 then don’t watch it!Jon and Kate does the best they can.If you had 8 kids you would be the same way.This is a reality show.They don’t edit it to make the family look perfect.Every family has a different way of rasing their kids.:P I love the show and hopes it continues for a while.

  • The family does give.On the last episode the family went to the Hershey Hospital were the sextuplets were born and the Ronald Mcdonald house.When they was leaving Kate made a donation to them.There has been other episodes where they give to diffrent places.

  • This is ridiculous! You people have no idea what it is like to have two sets of multiples! Everyone is talking about how Kate is such a diva, but if that is what you think, why do you bother watching the show? She might have an attitude because she has eight children under the age of 10. I think you would have a little ‘tude too. Get over yourselves and get a life. Your not perfect either. How would you feel if you put your whole life on television for the world to see and nasty people wrote awful comments about you. GET A GRIP

  • I think Kate is a normal mom reacting like a normal mom would. I think everyone needs to get off their judgemental bandwagon until they have 8 kids of their own to raise, then they might have an opinion that is worth listening to. I love the show please keep airing it, she gives great organizational ideas to ordinary people. Keep it up Kate and you go Jon!!!!

  • I think it is strange someone would renew their vows on a reality TV show. It seems to trivialize the whole event. Sort of turns it into a circus and makes it seem like a publicity stunt. Hmmmmm…publicity, surly this is not something this couple is seeking.

    On a different note, how can someone say this is a normal couple? Nither work a paying job, unless you count the reality TV show. I really do not know of any other young couples where neither half is not working. What kind of role model will the children see in terms of work ethic? They don’t have one. They won’t know what it means to wake up every day and work hard/think hard to earn money. They will think they just have to walk around, look good and scan for freebies.

  • The renewing of their wedding vows was aired because it is REALITY SHOW.Jon does work for Bob Carson (a friend of the family)and Kate did work as a nurse.She said in one of the pasts episodes that she will go back to work when the sextuplets start kindergarden.Not every thing they get is free.

  • Okay. I’m the first “Lauren” here. The other “Lauren” and I have vastly different viewpoints.

    Thanks, Jen. *taking a bow*

    Moon! I was just saying this the other day! Why would you let someone use your vow renewals as fodder for a reality show? Classless. If they wanted to convince THIS viewer that they are sincere in renewing their vows, then they should have saved just a photo album for their “fans” to ooh and ahhh over. (I stand by my first comment: They’ll certainly need to rewrite those vows. Things have, ahem, apparently changed.)

    And yes. I watch the show. I don’t owe anyone an explanation. However, I watch it to see the twists and turns in their “truths.” It’s a sociological experiment, if you will. And I don’t need to change the channel.

    The kids are cute, but so are most kids. They certainly aren’t the cutest kids I’ve seen on television, or for that matter, the cutest kids I’ve seen ever.

    But I can watch the show if I want to. And I can comment. So there.


  • I totally agree Kayla, Jon and Kate have taken advantage of their children to the 9th degree. I am sure it hard to say no when $$ is flying in your doors but enought is enough. Its bad for the kids and will soon harm the marriage. The way Kate and Jon have treated people like Jodi and Beth is really sad. I email TLC daily to have the show cancelled for the well being of the kids and encourage others to do and email ET and all evening tv shows to get on to this, there are child labour laws to protect this but they are being ignored, Do Something now.

  • I never heard Kate say she was going back to nursing after the tups began school. I’ve heard her say she will never go back to nursing. I did hear Jon hem-haw about working for himself now, in the closet. Yeah, his office is in the closet. He seemed very proud of it. But he never said what it is he does do. See, one episode he said he worked for Bob Carson. Two episodes later, he squirmed and said he worked for himself now. Now all we see is Jon working out, going to the post office, taking the cardboard to the trashbin (I assume its from all those gifts sent to them, lol) and bathing, dressing the kids. I think he makes their beds, too, but for sure, he is the official bather. Kate does not do baths. She said that.

    Where do you get your information? Because everything I just wrote came from the show.

  • Kayla I was staing I agree with what you said then I added my own comments sorry to make it sound any different. I just think the show has gone too far and needs to be maybe a once a year special not a weekly thing. I feel really bad for those kids, I think Kates so called fame has gone to her head and bank account and nobody is protecting the kids.

  • Its a television show…..

    No one has to watch it…and NONE of us are in a position to judge anyone. If their families not involved or speaking to them thats personal family problems that im sorry WE ALL HAVE. No ones perfect in any facet of their lives. Who is anyone to talk about what kind of parent anyone is? Who is anyone to say if this had happened to them they wouldnt accept or not accept what they’ve accepted? She’s Kate and hes Jon and its what it says in the opening of the show “THEIR LIVES” if you dont approve your not obligated to watch it, watch something else.
    Personally, I cant enough of the show and love seeing those kids grow up. We dont know where their money is or isnt going. The kids are fed well and look healthy and living comfortably…O.K maybe going to hawii was a bit excessive but honestly they were offered the chance to go why not? they give back and this is kates job now this show is how she provides for her family, none of the kids seem miserable or mistreated. I say if it offends people turn the channel otherwise dont ruin it for the rest of us who LOVE tunning in weekly!

  • So if I saw someone being beat up should I turn away cause I dont like it no! I send emails because I think no I know the kids are being taken advantage of for their parents bank account and someone has to be a voice for them.

  • Anne theres a crew of about 5 (minimum) people there. These kids are being taken care of. Im sure a station such as TLC wouldnt tolerate it, nor have childern that werent comfortable on air. None of them are shying away from the camera or look miserable. As for the bank accounts? Their bank accounts provide for the children. Again its “THEIR LIFE” who can say how they should or shouldnt spend their money? Dakota Fanning was making 10x’s that and theres only one of her. They have 10 of them and are getting paid 65 and epidsode? Well then one episode should cover one year of their childrens college education barely by the time their 18! Most of us video tape our children. The only diffrence is for example, no one would be interested in my videos =), MILLIONS of people are interested in theirs. They found a reality nitch I say good for them!

  • Tanya – I am curious – you seem to know so much about them, pretty detailed. Do you know them? just curious. I have too have video’s of my children, as do many of us – I for one would NEVER sell them to anyone, no amount, sorry. Videos are for memories,not exploitation

  • Anne-

    You don’t know now how the kids are being treated and you don’t know where it goes.You wish it was true so the show would be cancelled but its not.Tanya I agree with agree with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Well Discovery, TLC finally returned my calls, I now feel that I did my part in getting this show cancelled and being a voice for the children. Nobody will convince me that this is good for the kids in anyway. They are being exploited and will grow up with a feeling of disconnect. They will feel so special that the world owes them stuff, they wont learn how to wait in line as they are given so much special attention. When they get older they will be mad at their parents for exploting them for cash. Kate really makes my tummy turn the way she treats her kids and her husband not to mention Aunt Jodi who is no longer in the kids lives, if you feel the same please email and call TLC, Discovery and do something abou it. thanks.

  • you seriously called the show? are u kidding me. Thats a million times more selfish then a young family with 8 children “getting paid” to live their lives on television! Millions of viewers LOVE that show including myself.You have no idea what those children will grow up to expect or if they will ever feel exploited. You are definately intitled to your opinion im not saying that but seriously come on now, just because its not your belief doesnt mean its automatically wrong. Jon and Kate are the childrens parents not you, no one ever said you have to agree with what theyve choosen for their children but there are people who agree.
    If they were seriously exploiting their children for cash they should be requesting a heck of alot more then 65k an episode. You realize thats less then 10,000 a family member? If she was soooo money hungary why not have each child earn a salary? No instead on shoot days she has asked for food provided and proper child care(This show is her job, it allows her to be as involved with her children as she can be and still provide, its no different then any other working mother most working moms need nannies/day care)….and she has aunt jodi out because jodi was offered money to appear on the show and didnt like how it was handled, at least thats what ive read.(so its ok for jodi to accept cash and not the rest of the family anne?) honestly no one really knows what happened with jodi and there are two sides to every story. The children may even be grateful that have college funds when their older and well documented moments of their childhood. Theres a show on called kids by the dozen, when those families had their children there really wasnt reality TV and none of them sextuplets and twins basically within 4 years, or im sure those families would have possibly taken the offer.

    Im not trying to convince you of anything. However, your not a voice for any child when you have no idea what those kids want need or will feel like. How would you like people who dont even know you making decisions on whats best for you children? No one says you have like Jon and Kate or how they parent their kids, but there are people who enjoy them, dont feel that their being exploited and enjoy seeing those kids grow up.

    again, if you dont like show or have problems with it turn the channel. Dont ruin it for the rest of us…just cause you dont agree. Thanks more selfish then anything Kates doing!

  • Tanya, again, you must have an inside track to these people to be so “in the know” of what is going on. This is what I see…..Aunt Jodi, check out her sisters website, its not BS, its right out of her mouth! Jon and Kate are responsible as parents to make the right decisions for their children. Having a child turn away from the camera because she wants privacy is not cool and NOT HER CHOICE (Mady shunning the camera’s in an episode). Oh but wait, “its worth 65K Mady for college, let the world see you being humilitated, you’ll thank us when you are grown up” Come on, and yes, I speak from expeirence being the mother of 9 under the age of 12. Don’t see camera’s, Don’t need camera’s. I ask again……Tanya, how do you know so much to defend these people…….inside track? Enjoyment, no – exploitation yes,

  • Mady embraces the cameras as much as she shuns them. When she does shun them, the cameramen remove her from the television. Thats her personality. All im saying is that she may or may not be grateful for the income when shes older…we dont know yet either way. As parents their doing what they feel in their hearts are best for their children. Its all any parent can do. Most of the families with sextuplets have recieved “freebies” the McCaulghy family in Iowa had a home built free and clear, a minivan, 3 years worth of formula and diapers, reseacrh everything that family has been given. They have exclusive magazine contracts and have been given “freebie” vacations as well…..reality TV wasnt big when they were born. Are they wrong as well and are their children being exploited? is anyone calling Good Housekeeping and boycotting their exclusive contract with those kids?No I dont have an inside track. Im a fan of the show….its one of the few shows on televison that I enjoy watching. Your intitled to your opinion, but unless your jon or kate then its really not your business if their parents want to put them on televison and have the opportunity to, thats their right. Just as its yours not to watch it if you dont agree.

  • Your in shock that I called Discovery, really I just dont rant I do something about it. Bottom line there are child labour laws to protect children and they are being ignored as its a “reality show” lmao. To compare the McCaulghy family with the Gosselins is like comparing and ant to a spider. They arent even in the same plane. Doing a 1 or 2 yearly special would be fine but the cameras are in the house 4 to 6 days a week come on. The kids have no choice. Thats my beef. How kate acts to others and how she lies about some of the freebees is a personal thing and oh well. Its the kids and always will be why I do what I can do get this show cancelled asap.

  • As far as being selfish Kate is a RN and could make more than some double working familys make with her working by herself. Kate and Jon are selfish the want easy money so they dont have to get real jobs.

  • ya because staying at home with 8 kids and having your own television show is too easy and thats not REAL work, she should defiantely spend 10X’s the money on day care and work a million hours a week since thats what it would cost to raise a family of that size, then lets open a blog about kate returning to work and watch all the people rip on that choice too….You dont have to like the choices theyve made….However, there are some of us that do.

    How do you know that child labor laws arent being enforced? its a 30 min TV show and about 15 min of the show is jon and kate talking. Doesnt look to me like their working their always playing and honestly living their life. If you really cared about the kids, Youd leave their parents alone.

  • tanya – if you see a child being verbally or physically abused you woud say “its their parents choice”? Kate has often commented on how the kids think of the camera crew as “friends and family”, and quite proud of it to boot!! You are living in a fantasy world if you don’t think there are minor laws being broken here. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a camera in a child’s bedroom, filming them sleeping, going to bathroom and changing their clothes is a HUGE violations of privacy. I don’t think their is anything HONEST about what these people are doing. As for Tanay, I am sure you know differently.

  • Tanya- kate has said the crew is there 5-6 days a week, thouugh the show is 30 min its takes a long time to get 22 min for the show. The reason the child laws are not being inforced is this is a “reality show” not done on set done in thier home so it can bend the rules which it does. That is why people are now starting to get angry about it. Not that I care about them but I wonder how the neighbours feel about it as well. My only concern is for the kids.

  • TLC has alot of shows of this nature. Its not just Jon and Kate. i seriously dont see as to how these children are being “abused” to me abuse is more the 750 pound man whose let the cameras in and his wife allows him to live like that. I have small children and I show videos of them, nothings crossing the line here and im sorry this is what the kids know and this shows been around a while its not like its a different crew comming in and out and furthermore the parents are their. Kate comes on air and is who she is and admits her mistakes. They have an audience and i get you feel how you do…however, im sorry there are people who enjoy this show, dont view it as an issue, and love seeing how these people cope with the insanity and are grateful that jon and kate have alloweed us to watch these kids grow up. As for the freebies honestly is that a problem WHO CARES!!!! every family with sextuplets has recieved freebies. im going to contact the station as well.

  • Wow all you calling the station, you don’t think that is a wee bit over board? As far as a college fund being the “token phrase” for what is behind all this. What ever happened to paying your own way thorough college?? Have any of you done the study on how many kids are doing that these days? I know all 3 of mine are and are doing well. We help in some areas where we can, but for the most cost the kids have been doing it themselves. I am very proud of them and they have always known to work for what you want. Regardless, I love the show love the kids, love Kate and Jon. And am I crazy here, but did I see not one, but TWO coach bags in there? I thought I saw one on the train trip and then a different one when she went to the store to get powered sugar for the monkey munch cereal. Wow WTG Kate. ๐Ÿ™‚ I could be wrong though but from a glance they both looked just like coach totes one signature stripe noless

  • According to several blogs and what we see on TV, Jodi and Beth are no longer involved. The story being shared is that their absence deals with Figure 8 Films wanting to pay Jodi and Beth for time spent filming in their homes, and that Kate refused to let it happen. Even to the point of saying she would quit if anyone else was payed. This was reported on a blog written by Jodi’s sister. 65K an episode 25k for personal appearances and other free things given like the trips and products make me feel the show is no longer about a family struggling. Also Jon reportedly never worked for Bob but quit his job to do the personal appearances. Thus the quick change from working for Bob to working on his own at the house. Finally according to their own website the Pediatric cancer donation of about 1100. was given from proceeds of a “yard sale”. So it could be also assumed that some items donated were sold and then the money donated to charity. Not actually money out of pocket. I liked the show as well but do not know what to think now as they even have a PR firm working with them. They reworked the website I believe. Amazingly some of the blogs have been shut down Hmmm makes ya wonder.

  • Plus the duggars im sorry while its fantastic that they have such a large beautiful family, their home is a mansion and anyone could have a huge family when you live like that..not to mention im sorry the mother is so quiet and patient im sorry but how realistic is that? Is everyone going to start calling TLC on them as well? wheres their voice? are their children being exploited?Im pretty sure theyre being paid and honestly their shows not that interesting. what i enjoy about jon and kate is the reality that lifes hard and you do what you have to do. It doesnt please everyone but you do what you feel is right. Theyre making money and their able to be apart of their kids lives … idk i cant say all parents would quit their jobs in the same situation but alot of people would.

  • Someone actually called into TLC? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. First, if these children are being abused, why was the show ever approved, and why is it still on air? BECAUSE PEOPLE LOVE THIS SHOW AND THE CHILDREN.Why would you come onto a blogg and brag about calling into TLC to shut down this show? Try something realistic lady! Go into your neighborhood and help the children who are suffering in your community. The ones who are right down the street being physically, sexually, and emotionally abused. You really think your making a difference in the world by calling to a television station and complaining. And then sitting back on your comupter to blogg about how you did finally got a call back. To be honest, TLC probably laugh at people like you who constantly call to complain. If you want to actually save children from being abused, go out in your community and save the children whoses lives would never be put on televison because of how much REAL abuse they suffer everyday. And for the blogs who think that this family doesnt deserve what is given to them by the program, you would accept their offer too and are just blogging out of jealousy.

  • You think that Jon and Kate are using their children for money? Where do you think all of thier money goes?? To their children! Without the show giving this family money, they wouldnt be able to live normal life styles, they wouldnt ever be able to go n vacation, they wouldnt ever be able to eat the healthy food that is given to them, THEY WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO GO TO COLLEGE! You think Jon and Kate abandon their children and spend the money on them selves? HA

  • Wow – there are alot of people out there who seem to have the inside track to these people. First of all, to last few posts – be careful what you think you know. Abuse comes in many forms and yes I take an active role in my community for ALL child safety. Its called Child Protection. And before you make statements about how SURE you are one would jump at the chance, YOUR WRONG!!! You may jump at the opportunity but speak for yourself only….i for one would never sell my children or their childhood so please do not tell me what I would do….thank you.

  • I think the show speaks for itself when Kate clearly states in the beginning “but its our life”….if your not interested or disagree in their life dont watch the show. As for the kids…they have a huge audience and im sorry how many reality families have come out and started making shows …I again ask are they abusing their children? or is it just jon and kate?

  • you people are crazy and seriously need to do something better wtih your lives…im pretty sure none of you would want people who know nothing about you …your family or inside knowledge to any choices youve made and why youve made them doing this to you… talk about selfish. Kates not selfish you people are trying to make yourselves feel better, like your trying to save the children.Righttttttttttttttt….this has nothing to do with them. You people are all into yourselves.

    get your own life and stay out of theirs!

  • tanya, this is not a personal attack on you……why so militant about it? if you are not happy to hear the “other side” why visit this site and blog? as far as people who are not on the “inside”, they have a right to their voice their concerns….perhaps bringing a TV camera in your home, calling your children the “cast” kinda opens one up to all kinds of things….

  • i could say the same im trying to voice my opinon. just a thought to that site….the petion your all signing will only make the gosselings bigger….the best way to get a show cancelled is ratings. TLC doest care if you like them or not they care about ratings. Honestly your all doing the Jon and Kate lovers a HUGE favor.

  • petion signing will hurt the sponsors where it hurts, their pockets. ratings will cancel a show, but so will not having any sponsors…who will fit the bill?? jon and kate? didn’t think so

  • A great web site to look at with lots of info on Kon and Jate plus 8 is Gosselins without pity really good. Lots of facts and comments there

  • You claim to be looking out for the kids however, your hurting their parents…once again …this isnt for the children its for you…pretty selfish if you ask me.

  • see, the way i see it is this… jon & kate had 8 children from only 2 different pregnancies. i don’t see what the problem is with getting outside help and kate staying home to take care of children. the duggars on the other hand just keep having baby after baby after baby. i wouldn’t help them out just because they made a big family on purpose. who has ever heard of having 18 (or however many) children? don’t get me wrong, i love children, i would love to have more. but 18?? yea, if i had 8 children i would take any give out that someone offered me!

  • The bottom line is not parenting style or Freebies.
    The bottom line is these children are actors. Kate called this in People Magazine, the “family job” 2 8yr olds and 6 4yr old work 3 to 4 days a week to support a. your voyeurism and b. their family. on their backs, just like the proverbial “sideshow” I’m glad these children provide you with plenty of family entertainment at their expense. They have really no voice in what they are going to do. THEY ARE CHILDREN. You, as parents, decide their wants and needs and all you have to do is turn the tv to another station to entertain your 4-12 yr olds. Would you want to know these kids were working in a foreign county making your teeshirts and tennis shoes? Same Premise just different location. Be the Parent and stop supporting exploitation by watching.
    Another note, TLC could care less about “family Value” TV it’s in it for the money.. They could give a rat’s butt about the “Gosselins” they want ratings and sponsors. Shame on you for making these children fulfill your need for entertainment. Thats appalling.

  • are u serious…90% of televisions shows have children on them…half tlc now has more and more family reality shows…its kats choice how she wants to run her family…even if they grow up to hate the fact they were on TV…are you happy with every single decision your parents made for you? for those who are great cause let me tell you about 90% arent…most parents do the best they could out of whats best for their family. Kates doing just that…you dont have to like her or agree with her however like she said its their life.

    sidenote there are pleanty of people who would in her shoes do exactly what shes doing. i myself see nothing wrong with it and ik alot of others that watch that feel the same way. everyone has their own opinions…

  • No I am not Kate and neither are you so you have no business talking about what is in the best interest of her kids.If you were truely interested in whats best for her kids and your truely just concerend about the child labor laws then youd do something to make sure that the rules get enforced and the “loop hole” that your speaking of gets changed…not having the show that they grew up on and is basically all they know cancelled!

  • I watch this show all the time. Kate may be doing a great job, however the show is becoming boring. Kate is not a pleasant person to watch. She needs to come down to earth if she wants the show to be pleasant to watch. Stop putting on the airs and stop whining. She does not seem to show respect in her speech and is very condescening toward people.

    The children appear healthy and well cared for, however the one older twin who always appears to through trantrums when she does not get her way is starting to copy her mother’s bad habits. Hopefully for this show to be successful, Kate will stop and think about the new attitude she had adopted.

  • Kate and Mady are birds of a feather. The two are so mad at the world. Kate needs to calm down and realize that she is horrible to her husband. They should re-evaluate their lives. The freebies and money that they earn is not enough in exchange for the negativity that is aimed at Mady and Kate. How would you like to be 7 years old and the nation thinks that you’re such a mean-spirited child. Examples are the Good Housekeeping cover shoot. Mady AND Cara were so un-responsive. How terrible for the world to see how miserable your life is in front of the camera. Jon & Kate need to choose a private life for the sake of the twins.

  • If you dont like the show dont watch it. If you dont like Kate dont watch her. If you think there isnt a married couple who doesnt gripe at everyone now and then, your crazy. If Kate doesnt talk to her family anymore who cares. Get off the computer and raise your own. My mom helps my sister with laundry because she has 6 children. They dont have fancy cars or clothes. They feed their children organic because they can afford it, why compare them to the Duggars who are sickening perfect. Im glad Jon and Kate are on the air, and the more you haters watch and talk about how terrible she is, they more money they make

  • Tanya, you sound like a child who is stomping her foot defending these 2 lame poor excuses for parents. If you actually opened your eyes, anyone can see these people for what they are. You refuse to believe their family (Jody) and still defend them.
    Denial much?
    Problem with the gosselins is they are totally ungrateful and selfish people. They constantly have there hands out and all with a superior attitude and not even a thank you to the many helpers they have had.
    I used to like this show, but I caught on very early and had their number down. I dont like liars, and people who use their children to support them. They are stealing their kids childhood and innocence and it will bite them down the road. Mark my words on that one.

  • Anne, you do not have the right to tell Kate or jon to do because its their kids, their lives,. what they want to do!!! They are not us!!

    Who are you to Judge!!! They are not your kids!!! If you post or anything about Jon and Gosselins, whats the point of watching them or reading about them… stay away from them and dont watch thme if you dont like them!!

  • Joanne thanks so much for your comment as I cant argue with Tanya anymore, she chooses to watch with one eye open so there nothing that will awake the other eye to see whats really going on. If this was a 2 times a year special upate show I could watch it no problem. But the amount of hours these kids have to work (per Kate), the constant lies spurring out of kates mouth, their ungratefull attidued for all the help they have been given is just more than my tummy can handle.

  • i agree with Tanya, Brittany, and M. The rest of you are just jealous. However, go on keep talking about the show positive or negitive, your only allowing the show to stay on the air longer…negitive or positive attention=ratings…O and im pretty sure their endorsements are only going up sooooooo whatever your doing keep doing it!

  • Oh please Leah. You need to come up with something other than the “jealousy” card.
    Why dont I feel the same way about the Roloffs? I am very happy for them and all they get due to their show. Its called being humble and GRATEFUL, something the Gosselins know nothing about. Not only that, the Roloff kids are older and can input their decisions, and Matt said if any of them wanted to stop, it would stop that day.
    Jon and Kate see dollar signs, and are lazy greedy people, who choose to make a living off of their young children, who obviously dont like the camera’s in their faces as we have seen many times.
    Dont even try to say its “editing”. They could be editing out a lot more of “get those cameras out of out faces” or “go away camera man”.. Did you ever think of that?
    How on earth can you argue with their FAMILY and ex friends say? Do you have any insight to this family that the people who KNOW THEM dont?
    Wake up!

  • Leah, you couldn’t be more wrong. The more we talk about it the more people are aware of the lack of rules/guidelines for kids on a show such as this. I check a few blogs daily and the amount of new people posting on them as well taking the time to go to the sponsors sites not to mention TLC, People, Good Housekeeping and so on. So yes lets keep talking about it and viewing the blogs as they are becoming so popular when you google Gosselins the anti-Gosselin blogs appear. A year ago people had enuf of Dog the bounty hunter and expressed so and it was taken off the air until Dog got some help so lets hope that happens with Kon and Jate. Last weeks show Kate said Mady and Cara are being teased at school because of the show….that would end it for me. Knowing that my selfishness and greedy sould was the reason my kids are getting teased at a private school (which we the viewers are paying for) would make me stop and think. Kate and Jon have milked this for all can weekly, trips, clothes, tummy tucks, hair transplants, and so on. Kate has no friends and has left her family at the curb, How sad to go for your free weeding dress my herself. The proof is in the pudding, if you want to drink the Gosselins kool-aid go for it. I choose to see the truth as my vision isnt blurred. I am far from jealous, I have a great life, kids home and so on I want for nothing more.

  • Kate and Jon said on one of the last episodes if the kids want to stop the show they will.The get the “freebies” because it advertises the stuff they get or the places they go.

  • Tanya
    I watch the show and send copies and emails out. How can I get my proof without watching the shows silly. Every commercial I make note of it and send an email off to the advertiser. I am doing all I can to get it cancelled. I dont do not have a neilsen box that counts how many people watch it so it makes no positive effect for them. You dissagree with me I get it. I dont do this to make friends or so people agree with me. Its work but well worth it. Nancy Grace is my new one to see if she will do an episode on it. There are many who disagree with me but the more I look into Jon and Kate and their greed the more I find people who feel exactly the same. My feelings are not hurt at all that you dissagree or even dont like me. You my friend arent the issue.

  • i couldn’t agrre with you more, Anne. I have been writing the sponsors of this show for over 3 months. Kate is the most egotistical person I have ever seen. Shame on TLC an ddiscovery for exploiting these darling children/ Kate is a disgrace to all mothers.. Tale her off the air !! mady says it all with her behavior… get the cameras out of her face…..

  • I am a mother of one and wish I could have more days off. That doesn’t make me a bad mother. I couldn’t imagine what 8 kids would be like. I give Jon and Kate kudos on their sanity levels.

    As for all the freebies. Hell yeah. If it is free I would take advantage of it. I would like to know who would refuse it. Jon and Kate are just a product of reality tv. In today’s society we are attracted to the way everyone else lives. If you watch it you just might buy it.

  • To Anne/Joanne,

    Ummm hello emailing a TV co to get a show cancelled is insane! My solution to shows I don’t like is just flipping the up or down on my remote.

    I’m a mother of 4 and I can say that if i was televised 24/7 I would be sooooooooo critiqued for my moments of being overwhelmed. Unless you are the PERFECT Mother or PERFECT wife (I can promise you no matter how perfect you think you are, you are NOT)….Please just give kudos to a woman who has her hands full.

    Has Kate not numerously thanked the sponsors for giving her children “life experiences” to her children? Yes she has!

    Seriously find a hobby…..When I watch the show Kate gives me the motivation to think if she can do it, so can I! Imperfections and all!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • for ANNE – the most selfish and jealous girl in the world!! you had nothing to do so you called the TLC…if you want to be famous do something else!!
    don’t you realize that J & K need the show to support their family of 10? Stop being such a negative person!

  • Joanne I find it funny that you are happy for the Roloff’s whose home is in complete chaos and who (Matt in particular)use their children for every project that can be dreamed up, yet this family who need people to come in and help them because they have so many you have a problem with. Does Matt ever thank his children for helping him? It seems to me that he just expects it. The things that the Gosselin’s recieve they have said they are grateful for and lets think about it some of these things (trips) they would not be able to do without the financial help of the show (the zoo, going to the coast and seeing wild horses, seeing Thomas the Train). The fact that they are able to take that many children to these fun and educational places and do these things is a blessing provided by the show. One last thing I recently saw the end of the episode in which Jon had is hair transplant, Kate did say at the end of the episode that they were grateful for that because it was something that they would not have been able to afford without the show.

  • i think its hysterical that the so called “supporters’ keep bringing up the freebies, etc. Oh and of course they make sure they mention how Kate mentions all the time how gratful they are. Obviously you are missing the point many people are concerned about. I could give a rat’s *** that they get “stuff” Who cares, thats the sponsors and the corporate world doing that. The point is the dangerous road being traveled while excepting the stuff…..again its called explotation, look it up before y’all go ranting and raving how gratful they are……again MISSING THE POINT PEOPLE!!!!

  • I would have to say that some of you must be watching an entirely different show. I was one of four children and my family owned a lot of businesses. I did commercials for them all the time. I worked at the jobs when someone wasn’t there gladly without demanding a paycheck. If people have a problem with this family stop watching, or if you’re just into complaining you could try talking about the slumping economy if you understand it at all. You could talk about the credit crisis if you understood it. You could talk about Pluto being downgraded to a dwarf planet and how now all science books in most school systems are now inaccurate. With a nationally syndicated show they have to be especially careful with child labor laws. TLC as they are in business to make money wouldn’t take the chance of getting into legal problems… as this would make no business sense. Further if you want to argue and rant and have more obsessive tantrums to prove you are right by any means necessary then that only makes your point more irrelevant. There are members of my family and former friends that I no longer have anything to do with for many various reasons. I think the fact of the matter is this children are happy and healthy and are able to do many things they would never have been able to do without this show and the opportunities they have been given. Also as any good christian knows those without sin should cast the first stone. It’s easy to be critical of what they are like when you sit on your butt and don’t do a darn thing. While I think she can be quite agitated and angry as any mother is let alone one with eight children… she has given many mothers with multiples hope that they can survive it.

  • again, its not the point of “stop watching”. Thank God there are people out there who actually care about these kids…..Audy, have you watched the extruciating Good Housekeeping photo shoot in 100 degree weather? Happiness must mean different things to different people. I do not understand how someone could be proud they “have nothing to do” with their friends and family. Maybe it was those family commercials. Thanks again Kate for sharing all your family value. What happens when they all grow up and they decide the want “nothing to do with” their family. How lonely.

  • I love Jon and Kate, and their kids are wonderful. I disagree that she’s turning into a diva. She’s fun and organized, and I admire her parenting. Jon always makes me laugh, and I love how him and Kate can disagree but share a mutual understanding with one another. This is my favorite show, and I’d be thankful if it continues running for many years. :]

  • It amazes me how judgmental our culture has become.

    So much progress would be made if those who are criticizing this family would take a step back and look at the facts:

    They have said time and time again that they never expected to be able to do half of the stuff that they get to experience on the show.

    They did not have a lot of funds before this show. I’m sure they are making a generous income now, and what’s more, they are taking care of their kids with it! Not being selfish. They’re putting it to good use! That is a great thing!

    The stuff that people offer to them and their kids is great! Why on Earth would you criticize generosity?

    Because you feel they don’t deserve it? Do you deserve it more?

    In either case – everyone deserves to be lifted up and cared about. Even the Gosselins.

    The criticisms made by some of you about this show are mostly invalid and misinformed.

    When I began watching the show, I felt that Kate was a jerk and very abrupt. However as I *continued* watching, I realized that she has a strong personality, but they are in no way different from your typical married couple. They disagree with one another, but are not abusive to one another. It is obvious this Jon and Kate AND this family loves one another.

    It is obvious they are blessed. And on top of all of that – It is obvious they are thankful.

    Be happy for those who are happy.

    It is senseless to try and judge people you haven’t met, don’t know. It’s rude to wish ill will for them, or to wish any less generosity that they’ve received.

    They aren’t harming you, so why don’t you try just wishing them the best of luck.

    Though it is unfortunate that so many people are so unnecessarily and overly critical, I’m glad to see that we, as a society, still have the ability to lift people up. And I hope it is applied to other areas of people’s life as well.

  • Wow. The more comments I read, the more I see how pathetic adults can be.

    You’d think the petty high school behavior would stop – especially for persons who feel they are so above others that they might seek to correct them.

    Oh, pardon – those are generally the people who *don’t* grow up.

  • I say go Gosselin’s!!! Kate and Jon are hard working people. Before Kate had the six, she was working and not being a “freeloader”. I persoally don’t see her as being freeloading. They donate to the church and do a lot of kind things for others, so I don’t understand where people see this. Kate can be demanding, but Jon can also hold his own as well. I’ve seen Jon snap back at Kate a few times for something so silly. So really this couple is no different then any other couple. I think that if we were in the same position we’d do the same as they. It is unfortunate that the public has to make rude comments an constantly put people down.

    I say keep going strong Gosselins!!!

    Don’t let the nonsense bring you down

  • If you hate the show so bad that you would make a petetion to end it, then -reality check- act a little mature and just DONT WATCH IT. I personally enjoy the show, but not every thing that comes on the TV! Go take a hike for half an hour and it’ll be over!!!!

  • If you are just goin to sit here and talk bad about the show, then call each other up and do your trash talkin. Leave some space for the POSITIVE blogs. Go blog on a show you actually like.

  • It sounds like alot lot of people who blog here do not know what the word respect means. Do you really think you doing anyone good by sitting there talking trash. I’m almost sure you people people have no idea what Kate’s life is really like so would some of you people shut your mouths and think something positive already!!!

  • I don’t know if the signs in their yard are true or not, but they have the right to do that. If you had people wanting to meet you from all over the country constantly taking pictures or wanting to talk while you were just trying to keep your kids under control while you where playing outside, than I think I would consider something like that too. Plus Jon and Kate really wouldn’t be personable if they saw all the crap you blog about them. And you people (neighbors) see them and there volenteers outside. OUTSIDE. I’m pretty sure you don’t live in their house and see every moment of their life and whether or not their spending thime with their kids. If I was playing with and cooking for little kids all day, than I wouldn’t mind having a volenteer play with them outside while I sat and watched my kids playing and just being kids for a while. Just because they get freebies doesn’t mean somone is raising their kids for them. They still have to work and be a part of their kids lives.

  • About Kate backing into that car- if you had a TV show and somthing like that happened than I don’t think you would just go up to the camera man and say ‘Oh, I just hit another car. Make sure you put that on our show so the whole world can know!’ Not everything that goes on in their lives gets put on their show- and not all of it needs to be.

  • Great show. I like watching it.I don’t blame them for doing it; life with 8 children can be very expensive. For all of you who object, I think that you would do the same if you were in their shoes. You just don’t want to say it. LOL

  • Hey I just wanted to say that i love the show and i try to watch it when ever i can and i think Jon and Kate are great parents. The kids are very cute. Keep up the great work!!!

  • omg – supporters scroll up!!! who cares what they receive, get, pimp their kids for……its the exploitation Jon and Kate allow for their children. Get off the freebie wagon, some people don’t care!!! its the kids they care about……….please DO NOT respond about how grateful they are and how they always say it!! ITS NOT ABOUT THE FREEBIES>>>>>>>>>

  • Get over yourself caty im sure the kids will be fine many kids grow up in the spotlight that turn out fine we just dont here about them very often. Jon and Kate are fine parents.

  • If I was offered freebies I’d take em. They do get some monstrous privileges but they just take them and there is nothin wrong with that.

  • wow I was just watching the new Jon and Kate wedding episode(part 2) and when they were in the chapel practicing for the wedding I have NEVER seen Mady so snotty! I know she has a little attitude problem, but if I had done that to my mom I would have been spanked, yelled at and grounded no matter how old I was. It was incredible how she talked to her mom. But I realized the reason shes like that- her mom uses zero disiple on her (at least on camera). But the little girls were especially sweet. Still love the show.

  • Kate and Jon need to nip it in the bud with Mady right now. Get that child some help or give her a quick one on her rear. That poor child must not have any friends with her negative attitude and nasty temper. If my child brought home a playmate who acted like that, I would encourage my child to find someone else to play with………….

  • i totally agree with chipmunk6 if i was offered freebies i would take them because there free and ya mady was snotty and not all parents use discipline but that girl needs an attitude adjustment for sure, put it must be had having seven other kids who are always around but they try there best.
    I think they’re awesome parents for sure! the show is awesome

  • Whoppers, if you think jon and kate are ‘awesome” parents, there is seriously something wrong with you and your thinking.
    Blind as a bat, obviously.

  • get maddie help? try taking the camera’s out of her face… far as kids growing up in the spotlight, yes they are far and few between but there are some who survive. Those would be the ones with parents who break their backs to keep life normal. Jon and Kate do everything they can to exploit them more and more and profit. …..survivors? how bout asking the Dionne Quints what “suvival” skills they use.

  • Joanne, where are you coming from? (well, obviously not somewhere friendly) I’ve never known a perfect parent, not mine, Jon and Kate, and NOT YOU EITHER. Be considerite please. Plus, think about what happens to most people on TV within two years. They get rich, get a huge house, vacation all the time, buy tons of clothes and drugs and abuse everything they have. I’m impressed that Jon and Kate are still sane and happy and not abusing it.Yes they have flaws and lots of money and privliges, but their kids look happy and healthy and loved. Lay off everyone(and you Joanne).

  • This show was orginally to show people how the day to day life of a couple with twins and sextuplets. At first it was a decent show I thought, but as it progressed it became apparent to me that these parents had let TV and money go to their heads at the expense of the kids.

    These kids will all have emotional problems, because they aren’t allowed to be normal kids. Kate it one very uptight, self-centered, sarcastic woman that is always whining about something. She is these kids role model and Mady is already showing signs of becoming a Kate duplicate. Jon, unfortunately has no credibility with Kate, she acts like he is the dumbest man on earth.

    The Duggar family is great, too bad Kate and Jon don’t watch their show and learn how to be good, christian parents like they are.

    TLC needs to stop paying for Jon and Kate’s vacations, homes and Food and let them make their own living.

  • I LOVE the show but I dont agree on the way Kate treats Jon and I also think there daughter Mady needs some serious discipline

  • I watched the show faithfully in first season but somewhere in the second season, it began to go wrong. I watch it occasionally now to see if TLC has exerted control over the family, of course they have not. TLC is filming an abusive mother and a father who will not stand for his children let alone himself. These parents are not attentive to their children nor are they concerned about the needs of the children. For them the children have become a commodity. The father given up working and the poor children are supporting the family. These parents are sacrificing their childrenโ€™s wellbeing for gain. It is painful to know that it is still going on. It may be profitable for TLC but it is morally wrong. The producers would do well to imagine these kids as their own – show some pity for these children, stop filming. Please.

  • I have only seen a few from the first season and loved it. I soon became addicted. But recently I have seen the latest ones and was shocked to see her change of behavior. Wow! She acts like the boss, finishing every sentence that her poor husband starts, wanting everything perfect and wanting everyone out there who has the wherewithal, to give her trips and free stays at hotels and spas. Her one girl has only had 2 pedicures in her life! Poor baby. She’s only like, 6! She barks orders at her husband who, from what I can see, has had enough. If she isn’t careful, he will end up with the nanny and the Princess will have her own new show, “Spoiled Rotten and Single.”

  • If video taping your children is a crime against child labor laws then all of us who video our children daily are breaking the law as well, use your common sense plz. These kids are not working they are living their life and who wouldnt use the opportunities they have been given! more power to them!

  • how many of you saw the twins, twins and sextuplets show? I thought that was a real down to earth normal family (besides the obvios fact that their kids came in multiples like that). I think Jon and Kate could take some disipline lessons from them. But I still like the show.

  • I enjoy the show. I do think it had changed since the conception. I hope that that Jon and Kate are doing the best for the kids. I think Cara is withdrawn and Maddy seems angry,but perhaps they would have these personalities anyway. I hope it all turns out well.

    Sherry Tellitocci

  • Okay, to sum this up, you people who don’t like like the show-don’t watch it. If you feel the need to critize the show, yell at the TV. Don’t come to these blogs and gab for no real reason and tell everyone there wrong. Who died and made you queen? The show is there so people can glimpse the lives of a home with twins and sextuplets. It’s not something you see every day, so let others enjoy it. Yes, they have tons of money. Think about what happens to most famous people within a year of becoming famous. They usually throw their lives away! So Jon and Kate are doing well for four years on TV. They definitly haven’t always been rich. When the sextuplets were first born, they had to except volenteers of the street, the twins could only go to school for 2 days a week because they couldn’t afford it, Kate couldn’t work, Jon was fired because no company could insure him, they had one car (no way to get all the babies to a doctor)and were practically living off donations. They didn’t have it easy at all. It can somtimes take hours to feed a baby, and especially if their sick. Now try doing it with six, plus two four-year-olds that can’t be ignored. It’s like running a day-care 24-7-365. They’ve seen both sides of the story.

  • I don’t by for a second that Jon and Kate are bringing in that much per episode as its been exploded all over the internet. I believe that maybe a few million a year but come on people, if Jon and Kate were REALLY bringing in that much, don’t you think Kate would have made Jon quit his job to be a full time dad to their kids?

  • Debbie/Chip and the rest…are you kidding me? Deb you actualy are comparing my children’s Halloween video which is viewed in the privacy of my home to the exploiters who let the entire nation watch their children sleep, poop, etc. there is NO comparison. Chip – the “don’t watch” line is getting old……..there are actually humans out there who care about exploitation. I suggest you look it up. Before you call me Hater, Jealous and all the other lines, let me get my head out of the toilet to hear you

  • I have just spent the last half hour reading all which has been written about this show. I have been watching for a long time and am fascinated with all aspects of it (i.e., Jim and Tammy Faye). Some of it sort of sad (Maddy’s unhappiness) but mostly joyful. The children are adorable, but Kate seems to be morphing into someone not very likable.
    I miss Aunt Jody and what must the previous owners of their new home feel like when Kate goes on and on about the filthy house? YIKES

  • Jackson, do I watch the show? Yeah I do, the last I knew to, he was working at home with computer since his job moved out of an office. I don’t obsess over the show like you may do, I don’t have time to sit down and watch EVERY SINGLE EPISODE but Im saying Im ALOMST postive that they don’t get payed 36 million a year. Im actually going to see her speech this upcoming Saturday, maybe I should ask her exactly what her husban does?? I’ll let you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh And also people, Im sure you heard about the women who also delivered 8 babies? Well, on the Christian station which is who annouced where Kate will be at this Saturdaym they also said the show is getting canceled to film this persons life.

  • do we realize that the person that just had 8 babies using fertility drugs isnt married? this is all artificial and shes living on state aid…how can someone be alloweed to do that?

  • Jon and Kate’s job is now the show (“the show is our life and our life is the show”). The children have become the family business. Jon used to be an IT guy, was fired, was hired by the State, left that job to work for Bob Carson (husband of former friend Beth) so he could ‘make his own hours and work from home to have more time with the kids’, left Bob to throw himself into the ‘family business’.
    And TLC President Eileen O’Neill said offers have been made to Nadya Suleman about a show but they are waiting to see how TV friendly the family is before any contracts are signed.
    Insiders say many requests have been made to TLC to cancel Jon & Kate. Their fan base is huge but so are the haters and the haters have been scaring the advertisers with boycotts. Plus insiders also say that Kate’s diva persona has gone way out of control (she thinks she should be able to treat everyone the way she treats Jon), and producers, directors, crew, advertisers, are all getting sick of her. She’s calling up toy manufacturers trying to work out a deal. Yikes! I don’t want my grandkids playing with a Kate doll. What will it do? Run around screaming, yelling, cleaning, and organizing?

  • A wise person once said: When you judge and criticize others, you should look within yourself because you’ll probably see that your strong emotions are directed at yourself and not the other person at all.

    C’mon ladies, this woman has 8 children, she’s good to them, she has a loving husband. She’s trying to navigate her marriage in a territory most of us have never been. I bet all of us on here can see a little bit of Kate Gosselin in ourselves.

    Let he who has not sinned, throw the first stone…and cut people some slack.

  • AJ said it best out of all of you. I love this show and I think Jon and Kate do an amazing job with their kids:)
    I love watching how they show each other their love in their own ways. It’s not our place to judge.
    Keep it up!

  • I feel that everyone that is saying bad things about John and Kate need to STOP! John is a great father and husband and Kate is also a great mother, wife, and person. You people are saying that they have money and are rich and thats not the case! They have 8 kids to cloth, feed, and care for. Kate has 8 so yes she is tired and stressed at times but, what mother isn’t? They go on these trips and do alot of things for free because the company invites them there not because they can always afford them. You don’t know there situation so don’t speak negative about it.

  • I LOVE THIS SHOW! All of the people who continue to put this show down really need to look at themselves and see why they feel the need to find fault with everything this family does or doesn’t do. Jon and Kate are wonderful parents and the only thing they are guilty of is being great at their jobs of being parents. If Jon and Kate should happen to read this comment, please don’t listen to the idiots who have no clue what your life is all about and how you live your lives. Just remember their are more people who love your show and you and your precious babies. Continue to follow your hearts and just remember people really do think you are doing a great job. From one great mother to two great parents.

  • i reeeeeeaaaallllyyy hope the show doesn’t get canceled to film the octuplets mom. i mean, it would be cool if a nice couple wanted kids and had to use fertility drugs to become pregnat and ended up with the worlds first surviving set of octuplets! but that isn’t even close to what this woman did. she doesn’t have a husband or job and already has 6 other kids! thats just un-ethical. BTW, theres nothing wrong with having 6 other kids, but if you have 14 kids with no husband( and no job), its just wrong!octuplets are really cool, but the circumstances take half the glamour out of it. sometime jon and kates show will stop, but if its for that reason i cant see how that will make very many people happy.

  • I think it’s funny with all the negatives. I Have to Give it to Kate on the show she not sugar coating it she is being real. If you watch Jon and Kate in the comments they are the family next door. They love each other and love their children. You show me a family that sees eye to about everything. Before you toss out all the negative vibes look at your own life. I would love to see how a lot of people would do with a cameras in you business almost 24 7. Kate and Jon do it with Grace where a lot of us would just fall on our faces.

  • first of all, the duggars who total 20 built a beautiful house. it was a steel frame house in a kit. jimbob bought 2 house kits and they built it themselves and it is paid off. it cost way less than 200K and has 7k ft? and j and k ‘s house is 10 times the amount. there was no reason for that. the duggars have a beautiful home. i love the solid wood dining room table that they can all sit at the table together. they have heated floors, and it is fireproof as it can be. it sickens me that the kids go to school but they are going to move to this new multimillion dollar home and home school her children. isolating them so much more. they have every right to go to public school. they need to meet other children their own age to sharpen their communication skills. she is just to fussy and gripy to be teaching them all day. they need to go to public school. why not film till the little ones go to kindergarten and then stop filming. even cara puts her little hand up to the camera lens. then just do an yearly update special. people would want to watch it then to see how much the kids have grown.
    also, i don’t understand kate scrubbing that refridgerator for 4 hours on the refridgerator side not counting the freezer side. kate is so organic anal why didn’t she just donate it and get another one? why would she spend all day scrubbing, griping, b*******, moaning about how awful the refridge was. i think the reason why is she is tooo stingy and didn’t want to spend the money. if her and jon are going to churches pleading poverty and accepting the money gathered in their name from the plate, the Lord will deal with them on Judgment Day. He promised in His Word.
    is it true that jon partied with co=eds and was kissing and dancing with the coed’s? that is bad. i heard that he has moved out and moved in with his mother. i think it is horrible that kate has banned aunt jody and aunt beth from the show. she is just wanting more airtime so she can rake it in. kate will regret it one day. when the kids get older they will see the shows and remember exactly what happened.

  • I think Kate is a great mom. All moms get stressed sometimes- i have 6 kids incuding 2 sets of twins, so i cant imagine what its like with 8 kids- 6 of them being 5. Jon & Kate Plus 8 is a good show because it doesnt make anything seem any less worse or any more than what its really like with 8 kids. People should stop giving Kate crap about the way she is. I mean everyone says “Oh shes a ___” etc. But do you think you could do it with 8 kids? I dont think so. At least give her some credit for that

  • I have seen a couple of episodes, and feel that they are a normal family, living a very stressed lifestyle in order to provide for their many young children. If Kate is a diva, she deserves it. Any one that has ever had a two year old knows how hard it can be, imagine having six of them at once!!!!
    I do feel Kate is highly stressed as would be most mothers of eight children espeically when you take into consideration the ages. Goodness, I think Kate is a saint.
    I would like to remind everyone that you shouldnt judge someone unless you have walked in their shoes.
    They are doing the best for their large family.
    That is all they can do, their best. Good luck to the family, they are pretty amazing really.
    I am a mother of five and I can appreciate how stressed Kate must get.

  • I also think Kate is a great Mom and Jon is a great Dad. I really feel sorry for both of them. Kate is the leader no doubt but her kids are great kids and everything is so in order and the kids for the most part are so respectful and they mind really well. It can’t be easy for Jon or Kate. They probably don’t have much time for themselves. I don’t believe Kate had an affair and I do believe she loves Jon very much. But I do believe Jon has or wants to be with someone else. But I also think that this is all new to him and he is going to regret it greatly after a while and it may be too late. My heart breaks for Kate because you can tell she is in so much pain. You can also tell Jon is NOT. He actually said he was excited about this new chapter of his life.
    I pray for them all and I hope they can get back together and be a family again.

  • It’s amazing to think that they renewed their wedding vows a year ago only to file for divorce a year later. Whatever happened to marriage counseling? Is it that easy to throw in the towel with so many small children involved? I’m amazed at how quickly Kate and Jon are giving up on their marriage with little effort to attempt to save it.

  • i am an addict to this show as well i bought all of the dvds and i watch them every day rerun after rerun. i think she is an amazing mom and i look up to her. im 18 as well and now raising a 4 month old, i want to have 4 more kids and will continue to look up to her. im so sick of hearing how poeple dont like them because they get things given to them… so what.. if you guys got things given to you wouldnt you take them too to better your kids lives.. what person in the right mind would turn it down? people are just so jealous

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