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Jon Gosselin Vacations In St. Tropez With New Girlfriend

Newly single dad of 8, Jon Gosselin surprised many when he turned up in St. Tropez yesterday with rumored girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, 23 (the daughter of Kate’s surgeon).

Jon Gosselin Vacations In St

The pair spent the afternoon enjoying champagne and posing for photos aboard Christian Audigier’s yacht.

I feel bad for Kate. This is definitely not the family I fell in love with.

Jon Gosselin Vacations In St


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  • I know Kate is not blameless in this scenario, but I feel so bad for her when I see these pictures. In or out of love, it must make her stomach churn to see him living it up like that when she is (presumably) home with the kids, having to answer their questions about why their life has changed.

  • This whole situation is so very sad. I feel horrible for the children in many ways. They had no choice in being placed in the public’s eye and now their parents marriage has disintegrated for the world to see.

    I wish some effort would have been made on Jon’s part to repair his marriage. I agree that Kate is definitely not blameless. Her actions have spoken volumes over the last couple of years. I’m sure there is also much we don’t know, however you would think they would go to counseling or try to somehow work things out for their children’s sake!

    Jon’s actions have lacked an incredible amount of maturity. It doesn’t seem as though he has truly grown up. One day he will have his 8 children to answer to.

  • I agree.. This is all very sad. Fame, the media spotlight and the quest for more has broken this family up.

    I actually thought that they might be trying to work things out when they were all together as a family on the Fourth of July.

    Oh and the cameras today caught Kate doing groceries and having a picnic lunch with the kids.

    A far cry from St. Tropez.

  • the kids of Jon and Kate Gosselin are so cute and adorable. wish i have those kids too. i hope that Jon would be more faithful to Kate.

  • i enjoyed watching the show of Jon and Kate Gosselin on TV. their kids are so cute but i am wondering if Jon Gosselin is really a good husband.

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