Josie Duggar Turns One!

Josie Duggar, the 19th child in the famous Duggar family, has reached her first birthday! Born premature after Michelle had complications during her pregnancy, the little girl is considered their “miracle baby”.

With round cheeks and curly hair, it is hard to imagine Josie Duggar as the tiny 1 pound 6 ounce baby she once was. Born at 25 weeks, the youngest baby of the Duggar clan has reached an important milestone in her life- her first birthday! The day of her birth was a traumatic event for then family. Michelle Duggar worried at the time that she would not survive because of her small size. Josie has proven to be a fighter, however, and is growing like a champ.

Because of her prematurity, Josie is still a tiny girl. At only 15 pounds and 12 ounces, she is slightly behind other one-year-olds. However, there is no reason why she shouldn’t catch up easily as she grows.

“She’s waving hello and goodbye,” says Michelle. “She’s saying da-da … Her outlook is so wonderful. It is a miracle.”

Jim Bob and the oldest children are currently in El Salvador completing a mission trip, but that didn’t stopped Michelle and the younger children from having a birthday party. The family decorated and hung a giant number one on the wall and Michelle plans to have pictures of Josie taken with her daughter Jordyn and her granddaughter, Mackynzie. Jordyn will be turning two-years-old later this month, while Mackynzie turns two in October of next year.

“Because of Josie’s circumstances being so different, I’ve had to stop myself from buying too many presents,” says Michelle. “I got her some clothes. And we are probably going to pick out a riding toy too and I am going to let the older kids help pick that out when they return.”

The Duggar family has been made famous by their television reality show that follows the extraordinarily large family as they manage so many children. Despite the complications that came with Josie’s birth, the Duggars have not ruled out having a 20th child in the future. – Summer, staff writer

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