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Just Wondering…Why Companies Make Toys That Don’t Turn Off

We have tons of toys around our house that make noise. It is nice to be able to control the noise with sound level switches and of course, an on/off switch.

I was surprised lately to find a few toys in our toy box that DO NOT turn off. Nothing is more frustrating than having a train that chugs ALL day or a giraffe that NEVER stops singing.

Would it really be such a leap in design for the engineer to add a simple on/off switch?

Being a first time parent, there are some things we didn’t know to look for and now we are stuck with at least 5 toys that are forever banned to a box. A box that should never be moved or else the whole thing will not stop singing, chugging and vibrating.

It is very important if you are buying a toy for your child or someone else’s to make sure that you can see a switch to turn the darn thing off before you take it to the cashier. It is harder to know this with products online, but do your research or you will regret it!

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