Karnataka Bus Driver Helps Deliver Baby, Passengers Collect Money for Financially Disadvantaged Mother

Monday in Karnataka turned out to be eventful and exciting for one bus full of people.

While riding the Bangalore-Chikmagalur route, 23-year-old Fathima started experiencing intense labor pains. The female bus conductor, identified as S. Vasanthamm, recognized the severity of the situation and asked the driver to stop. She then had all other passengers exit and assisted the mother in delivering her baby.

 small feet of a newborn supported by the hand of his father

“A passenger told me about the pregnant woman. I asked the driver to stop the bus and told all passengers to get off. The nearest town – Shantigrama – was 10km away. The delivery was a success…”said Vasanthamma.

The conductor wasn’t the only angel on board. Noticing that the mother was financially disadvantaged, the crew banded together and collected donations from passengers as the mother gave birth. In total, they were able to raise R1500. This sum was given to the mother, on site, so she could cover any immediate medical expenses associated with the birth.

Shortly after delivery, mother and baby were transported via ambulance to the community health center at Shanthigrama. They received treatment and are reported to be in good health.

“The timely humanitarian service of the lady conductor in responding to the needs of the pregnant woman and saving the life of a child and the mother is highly appreciable. This exemplary service by the lady conductor is appreciated by G Sathyavathi, the Managing Director of KSRTC,” the KSRTC, said in a statement on Monday.

Per KSRTC officials, Vasanthamma had previous medical experience. She’d spent 20 years working in a nursing home. She’d recently quit and taken up the job of conductor.

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