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Keep Up With Friends & Family on ‘DripThat’

I love social media. I love that in real time, at just a touch of a button, I can see where my friends and family are, and experience what they’re doing. Good day, bad day – it’s all there and I can stay current!

A new App on the market is helping keep people connected in a different way. Like other social platforms users share their moments, but with DripThat you can create albums that allow peers to thumb through your day.

Nothing makes me crazier than logging into an account and seeing 20 images from one user. I get it. You’re on the best cruise of your life and you want me to see everything you’re doing. But blowing up my feed just makes me want to turn the app off, or skip over your posts entirely.

DripThat also allows users to schedule their posts over minutes, hours, days or even weeks so that you can share your posts in a way that it doesn’t overload your friends. So post those snorkel images this afternoon and save the deck party one for tonight!

Don’t want everyone to see your content? DripThat allows users to specify who sees what. So you can share some photos and videos with everyone, and moments from last night’s crazy party – with just your friends!

Users get access to two feeds; ‘My Stream’ and other posts that are ‘Drip Worthy’.

To give the DripThat a try please visit the App Store. You can also connect with them on Facebook or Twitter!

This information is on behalf of dripthat.

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