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Keri Russell Talks About Motherhood on The View

New mom Keri Russell spoke to the ladies of The View about new son River and his exciting labour.On weight loss:

“I would love to say that I worked out everyday, but it is truly genetics. It’s like your kinda thin. I mean you have what you have…”

On Labour:

“Your first baby they always say that it’s going to take forever. Little did I know that once my water broke, I thought that only happened in the movies. Once my water broke it was GAME ON! Those contractions – it was like a whole other world. I was like get in that car and get me to the hospital. So were in Brooklyn, we hired a gypsy cab, it takes forever to get there. Friday afternoon – rush hour traffic. An hour and a half going about a block a minute. I in the backseat of the cab, I can see the poor driver going Oh My God as I am screaming.”

In the end Keri was in labour for a total of 38 hours, but she does not seem to mind because her little boy is worth it.

She also revealed that she is still breast feeding 5 months in, which is nice to hear as well.

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