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Kid Tested: B. Toys H2-Whoa!

My son is still pretty young so I was surprised when I was told by his daycare that she lets him participate in crafts with the older kids – even letting him play with markers!  At first I was shocked, and then I began to worry about what damage he’d done to her table with markers but she explained he just holds them and squiggles them all over the paper.  He’s since made me two piece of art that warm my heart.  So then I got to thinking… how can I encourage his “artistic abilities” while not losing my mind over putting a marker in the hands of a toddler?  Then I was introduced to H2-Whoa by B. Toys – it’s the answer to my problem.

H2-Whoa is a two-sided easel that can be drawn on with special pens that you fill with water.  It’s awesome… and best of all there is no mess!  There are pens that are provided and all you have to do is fill them up with water. The flow of water from the pens is so light that they barely even feel damp when you touch them to your skin, but they darken the drawing surfaces on the easel clearly and neatly. Wait a couple of minutes and the drawing disappears. It’s also reversible – so as one picture is complete on one side, flip it over and start again.  When you’re done the pens have their own storage areas…so no missing pieces or stuff lying all over.

I’ve used the H2-Whoa nearly every evening while I’m trying to cook dinner, I put my son in his high-chair hand him the H2-Whoa and away he goes, keeping out from under my feet while I’m trying to prepare his food.

Obviously at such a young age my son is not an up and coming artist however he certainly does enjoy being able to “draw”.  Removing the ink and paper from the art is definitely a way to green up your kid’s art and the fact that the water pens are refillable makes it even more so. I do wonder how long the tips of the pens will last, however. I know my son has a tendency to bear down pretty hard on the poor things, but they’ve held up so far.

There are handles on either side of the frame so you’re little person can grab it up off the floor when you want to play with it – or out of your lap when he wants you to stop hogging his toy.  While I haven’t had any road trips since getting the H2-Whoa I can imagine that it will make the perfect companion for a long car ride.

Living in an environmentally friendly house?  If so, you’ll love that the H2-Whoa doesn’t come in any packing!  Seriously, no packaging!  Can’t get much more environmentally friendly than that!

There’s something pleasant and organic about doodling with the H2-Whoa. It could be because it has no moving pieces, or maybe because it doesn’t make any obnoxious noises.  The H2-Whoa is an awesome alternative to the typical magnetic doodle-boards, and I’d wager to bet lasts twice as long.

*Thank you to B. toys  for sending us the H2-Whoa for review*

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