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Kid Tested: Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Smart Sports

Fisher-Price’s 3-in-1 Smart Sports game is a TV-interactive system that lets kids choose from three sports—baseball, tennis, or golf. With similar principles to the Wii, this sports pack is a creative way for kids to get some exercise while they’re learning numbers & counting, addition & subtraction, uppercase & lowercase letters, spelling, and shapes.

Out of the box, my oldest son was really excited. In less than 10 minutes, I had the batteries installed(6AA) and the game hooked up to the TV.

Smart Sports has 9 different activities for kids to do. I like that the game makes your child think before they swing. It will ask things like ‘only hit the red balls’ or the ones marked with the number 8. Making each game both fun and engaging.

Just like the Wii, the sports attachments are made of foam. This, along with the wrist strap, will ensure that a flying bat or golf club won’t do permanent damage to your TV or a child who is sitting close by.


The only hitch I found with this system was trying to keep my eager little man positioned so that the sensor on the base could read the one on the sports handle. The game is position sensitive, which is a challenge when your child is jumping around swinging and flailing the club.

Fisher-Price recommends this system for kids aged 3-7, I think 3-5 may be more appropriate because some of the tasks may not be challenging enough for someone 6 or 7.

Fisher-Price’s 3-in-1 Smart Sports system has been a big hit with my son and a bit of a lifesaver for me. It gives my energizer bunny an outlet to burn off some of his energy on a rainy or crummy day.

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