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Kid Tested: MEGA Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship

Recently on a rather unfortunate day when my 5 year old was too sick to go to a party that he very much wanted to attend, a box boldly marked TOYS arrived with the UPS man. Obviously, it was impossible not to open it up immediately and I’m so glad I did. Inside was, the Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship (ages 1+, $29.99). This was a big hit before it was even out of the box and soon my son decided that staying home was, in fact, far better than going to the party would have been. Mega Blok toys are  fun for all ages and we truly tested that out here.

MEGA Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship

All 4 of my children loved the Pirate ship . We have ages 1,2, 3 and 5 represented here, 1 girl and 3 older boys. It’s not often that we find a toy that all will play with and play together nicely with at that. This is obviously a miracle toy because all 4 children managed to play with it for a very long time without any “unfortunate incidents” that always accompany any attempts to play together in any way. The set has 20 pieces that are very easy to operate and yet so amazingly detailed, even I wanted to play with it. It has a full mast, trap door, treasure and even a cannon ball plus it makes sounds and plays music. Everyone was quite entertained. It’s a great choice for encouraging imaginations and will hold the attention of anyone who pulls it along.

MEGA Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship

Mega Bloks playsets are always so much fun and offer amazing options within a very simple framework that is great for little hands. We love Mega Bloks and it is so nice that each set you buy builds upon the last, so old toys become new toys too. You can’t miss with any of the Mega Blok sets, but the Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship is an absolute winner. – Kiersten, Staff Writer

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