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Kids Country Club For Special Needs Children

Doctor with babyNo one knows what the future holds for them. Living in Canada, we are very lucky to have access to great programs for kids and families.

Recently I have been reading a lot of blogs done by parents who have babies born very early. As you know our son was also born early. Not a week or two – 16 weeks early. We have been very lucky that our baby (fingers crossed) has been progressing on schedule. He gets lots of help from different therapists monthly.

Not all babies that were born this early continue to develop perfectly. Some need a bit of help from machines. Help with breathing, feeding and milestone progression. Homecare is provided, in most cases, by the Government to help parents cope with the stress of looking after a special needs baby full time.

While the extra help is needed and welcome sometimes parents need to just get away for a few days without the bells ringing, feeding pumps and medication schedules.

In Ontario, there is a facility located in London and Cambridge that provides a respite for parents with technologically challenged children. Dubbed by them as a “Kids Country Club”, this facility gives parents a few days to re-charge and refresh while providing their children with a safe, secure and fun out-of-home experience. Children love their respite visits because it offers new stimulation and more friendly faces in their lives, and their self-esteem is enhanced when they have an opportunity for their individual time away from their family.

P.T.D.C.(Parents of Technologically Dependent Children) provides support to parents and families. Out-of-home respite offers families relief from day-to-day caregiving and stress, as well as an opportunity to be active with their other children who also need their attention. Sometimes, primary caregivers just need time to rest, relax or sleep. They can do this knowing their child is well cared for within their own community.

Per Quarter parents can use the facility for 2 weekends (thurs – sun) and 3 mid weeks (sun-thurs). They allow you to put them together so that you can have a full week if necessary. There is only space for 8 children at a time so planning ahead is a good idea just in case they are already booked.


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