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Kiinde ~ A New Way To Store Your Breastmilk

When I had my first son, I pumped for him for 18 months. Born at 24 weeks, he wasn’t able to breastfeed until he was 12 weeks old. During that time I pumped every two hours so that he could have breast milk through his NG tube. And while I didn’t mind pumping for him, the process of organizing all of my milk was a bit of a disaster. Because he was a terrible breastfeeder, I continued to pump for him for almost a year after he came home. The upside was that he was a very healthy baby, the downside was a million bottles of expressed breast milk(EBM) in my fridge and freezer.

Launching soon, exclusively to BuyBuyBaby, Kiinde has created a system that I would have loved to have 8 years ago. Moms can pump their EBM directly into the recyclable breastmilk storage pouches and then attach a case and nipple directly to that pouch for easy feeding. Genius right?

Kiinde Twist™ system

The Kiinde Twist™ system completely eliminates the need to transfer precious milk from bottles to bags and back again!

Using the included Direct-Pump adapters, Twist Pouches twist-lock onto pumps from all major brands, for leak-free, transfer-free pumping, directly into the pouch.

After pumping, store and organize Twist Pouches using the Kiinde Keeper breastmilk storage bag holder, which fits in all standard fridges and freezers.

The Gift Set($99) also comes with:

  • 20 Twist Pouches™, direct-pump, recyclable breastmilk storage pouches.
  • 8 Direct-Pump™ adapters (compatible with ALL major pump brands).
  • 1 Keeper™ breastmilk storage bag holder.
  • 1 Kozii™ breastmilk warmer and bottle warmer.
  • 2 Squeeze™ natural feeding bottles.
  • 2 Slow flow Active Latch™ nipples with cases
  • 2 Nipple cleaning brushes

Starter kit, which is $40, comes with everything above – except the warmer.

For parents who are concerned – all components of the twist system are BPA-FREE, Pthalate-FREE, and PVC-FREE.

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Lisa Arneill

Mom of 2 boys and founder of and World Traveled Family. When I'm not running around after my boys, I'm looking for our next vacation spot!

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  • This looks so cool! I’m guessing you could still just pour your expressed milk directly into a preferred bottle, right? Surely…

    I’m expecting my third boy, have a Medela pump, that I used occasionally with my first, and almost not at all with my second (it had been loaned to my cousin and by the time I got it back my second was really too old and opinionated…wanted NOTHING to do with a bottle). Neither of my boys have really cared much for a bottle, but have done very well at the breast…it would however, be nice to have a tiny bit of freedom to leave my baby with Dad or a grandparent now and then!

    Storage has always been an issue too, so add that to the mix, and we end up just keeping mom on a short rope.

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