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Kuster Makes Feeding Chic

Reviewed by Cari

You worked hard to make your kitchen or dining room look just the way you want and then, along comes baby. All of a sudden, your beautiful room has been taken over by a clunky, primary-coloured, animal printed high chair!

Well, for those of you whose fashion sense occasionally supersedes necessity, the answer is here! Introducing Kuster! Your child’s feeding seat doesn’t have to be hidden and you won’t have to sacrifice your style.

Kuster’s K1 and K2 high chairs are stylish enough to be put in any kitchen or dining room. They come in several different wood colours and the cushion packs come in a variety of stylish fabrics so you can mix and match to suit your environment. Visit their website to try out some combinations yourself!

Not only are Kuster’s high chairs beautiful pieces of furniture, they are also functional. The curved wood seat and plastic tray are very easy to wipe clean, the seat is complete with a five-point harness, and everything is adjustable to accommodate your baby (or your uneven tile floor!). The twin pack cushions are 100% cotton and machine washable for those inevitable spills.

One of my favourite features of the K1 was the lack of assembly required. It arrived in a tall, slim box and all I had to do was slide it out and open it up. It folds up that easily for extra space in the kitchen as well.

My least favourite part about this high chair was the plastic crotch guard.(shown in the photo on the left surrounding Anna’s legs) I know my kids have chubby knees but the leg space left by the crotch guard was ridiculously limited and made getting my daughter in and out very difficult. After consulting the company, I found out that this crotch guard was added by Kuster to meet North American regulations. With a little effort, I removed the piece and it made all the difference. The five-point harness provides the security needed to keep little ones from sliding out and the chair meets European safety regulations without the crotch guard.

When your baby has moved beyond the high chair stage, just remove the tray and your toddler will have his or her own seat at the table. My three-and-a half year old son loved sitting up to the table in the K1. The cushions were comfortable and the height was perfect. The chair works for babies from six months or age to children six years of age.

Kuster’s K1 and K2 high chairs are a great option for those who are looking for a combination of fashion and functionality when choosing a feeding chair for baby.


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