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Larry Birkhead Talks To Greta Van Sustren About Dannielynn And His Life Changing

Airing on Monday evening, Larry Birkhead speaks to Foxnews’ Greta Van Sustren about how his life has changed in the last year.

Miss Dannielynn accompanies her daddy during his interview showing how she has adjusted beautifully to her new life. She is dressed in a yellow jumpsuit bouncing and giggling through the interview. She appears to have grown quite a bit in the last month. She looks longer and more mature.

Larry talks about how having Dannielynn effects his every decision. He tends to not do things with friends that may have risks because he worries that something may happen to him and she will be left alone.

These are the qualities of a good parent. Someone who makes a decision that is best for their child over what is best for themselves. I think that it was an amazing twist of fate that Dannielyn was given to Larry. He seems to have what it takes to give this little girl a normal up bringing and after losing her mom so early in life she needs all the love she can get.

The interview with Greta airs on Monday June 11th at 10pm on Foxnews.

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