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Larry Birkhead To Be A Reality Star

Larry Birkhead’s life is about to get a lot more public! The already busy celebrity daddy has announced that his new reality show scheduled is scheduled to air on the E! network next year.

The big question is – Will Dannielynn be part of the show?

Of course!

Larry tells ET that when he was wavering on whether or not to do the show, Tori Spelling, herself a reality show star now, encouraged him to do it, saying, “Dean and I will support you. Why not? Your life is out there anyway.”

“My life in the last couple of years has been a reality show,” Larry explains to Mark Steines. “There’s been so many things out there that are not true, and there are so many things that I’ve taken a lot of beatings for and I haven’t set the record straight; nobody knows the true reality of how I live and what I go through.”

The series will follow Larry’s day-to-day exploits as a single father running a business of Anna’s and home-schooling his 18-year-old nephew, Justin, whose father passed away and lives with them.

“I’m changing diapers one minute, going to a basketball court the next minute, going to a concert — here, there, you know, stores — so it’s tough,” says Larry.

As for little Dannielynn, he beams, “The thing I’m most proud of is she doesn’t know anything that’s going on; she’s just happy and worries about her toys and we just have the best time. … This time is really about bouncing back and being happy and taking advantage of the things we have, and not forgetting what we don’t have — but also just going forward.”

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