Laugh and Learn About Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Newborn Care (GIVEAWAY)

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Laugh and Learn is a DVD series that offers up a comprehensive guide to labor and delivery that is as informative as it is entertaining for all expectant parents. All the necessary and helpful tips parents-to-be need to know about the miracle of giving birth is explained be using a bit of humor

Your host, Sheri Bayles, is a respected childbirth authority, an award-winning Lamaze instructor and board-certified lactation consultant. She was on staff at the prestigious New York/Cornell Medical Center for twenty four years.

Now known as the “Childbirth Coach to the Stars” and the “Twins Breastfeeding Guru” (New York Magazine), Sheri Bayles has created this trio of DVDs to help expectant parents everywhere prepare for childbirth and child care, in a simple, easy, private and less-expensive way to learn every bit of information they will need, from the “nurse with the personality” who will make childbirth both joyful and manageable.

The go-to gal for childbirth and breastfeeding instruction for over twenty years, Sheri Bayles is also the mother of twin boys, now thirteen years old, the perfect person to become the “Twins Expert”!

Her new DVD series, makes it so that anybody can learn what they need to know in the privacy of their own home, and without the expense of sometimes pricey and often inconvenient birthing classes!

The new version of Laugh and Learn About Childbirth features five diverse couples on the verge of parenthood. Sheri prepares them all for the big day in a series of six classes. Her gift is to replace fear with knowledge, and by demystifying the whole process with humor and wit.

Watch the first class here.

We had 1 Laugh and Learn About Pregnancy, BreastFeeding and Newborn Care DVD package to giveaway. This great knowledge bundle includes all three Laugh and Learn DVD’s (Childbirth, BreastFeeding and Newborn Care) and Sheri’s book, Laugh and Learn About Childbirth.

The whole set would make a really nice mom-to-be or congrats your pregnant gift.

Congratulations to our winner Summer – she is expecting in February!

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  1. Linda White says:

    My niece is a first time pregnant mom to be! She could really use this as she is young~ 22.

  2. LN says:

    Personally, I think the breastfeeding one would be most handy for expectant moms — childbirth is many times out of one’s control (though I do strongly advise education and preparing and am a very big advocate of natural childbirth :)), but breastfeeding can usually work out with some effort, and a new mother who needs support would find this DVD encouraging, helpful, etc not only when pregnant but when actually trying to figure out what to do with her new baby who doesn’t seem to nurse as she expected 🙂

  3. Rita M says:

    This would make the perfect gift for my daughter, in particular the DVD on Childbirth in general.

  4. susan varney says:

    laugh and learn about breatfeeding

  5. Melissa Kobielnik says:

    I absolutely would love these…please pick me…. 🙂

  6. jenna says:

    I would love to give this to my friend who is due with her first child in december. She would love to caring for a newborn DVD. They seem very informative and would make great baby shower gifts. Thanks!

  7. Brandi says:

    Pregnant and due in Feb, I would find them all useful. However, I’m really set on nursing, so I think I would find that one the best.

  8. Monique Rizzo says:

    I would say the newborn dvd. My brother and Sis in law are expecting their first and CLUELESS! Lol. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Kim says:

    I think the breastfeeding one would be the most useful!

  10. Tarah says:

    Right now I think the Childbirth would be most helpful. We’re expecting our first next year and this would be nice to watch/learn.

  11. Shop with Me Mama (Kim) says:

    Laugh and Learn about newborn baby care! That is something I wish I had when I had my first! THanks for this chance!!!

  12. Shop with Me Mama (Kim) says:

    I follow you on twitter (shopwithmemama)

  13. Carla says:

    About Newborn Care would be most useful for me.

  14. Kristy says:

    I think the childbirth video would be the most useful. I have had 2 kids so I would use it more as a present but that was the biggest thing for me was childbirth.

  15. Paulina Masson says:

    I would like The newborn care one the most.
    I think it would give some very useful advice.

  16. Erma says:

    I think the laugh and learn about breatfeeding would be helpful.

  17. Summer D says:

    I’m expecting my first child in Feb and I think the Laugh and Learn about Breastfeeding would be most helpful to me.

  18. Summer D says:

    I follow you on Twitter


  19. Molly K says:

    I think the one about childbirth would be most useful. There are so many questions or concerns that I was afraid to ask when I was pregnant with my first. I think this DVD would be a great reminder of what’s to come the next time around.

  20. renee says:

    I think the breastfeeding dvd would be most helpful to my friend who will soon be a mommy for the first time.

  21. Kristy. V says:

    I would love to receive the laugh and learn about childbirth as I am about to become a first time mommy in a few months.

  22. Bambi M says:

    The childbirth DVD would be most helpful to me, I’m due in 4 weeks! 😀

  23. joD says:

    The Breastfeeding DVD is the one I need the most. I know so little and need some help. Thanks!

  24. joD says:

    I’m your new twitter follower. 🙂

  25. Lisa says:

    I would find the breastfeeding DVD the most useful! Thanks!

  26. Naddez says:

    The Newborn Care DVD would be useful for my son and his (expecting)fiancee’

  27. Susan Smith says:

    Newborn Baby care sounds interesting

  28. Ed Nemmers says:

    I would choocse Newborn Care!

  29. Veronica Garrett says:

    Newborn Care would be most useful.

  30. Gabriel J. says:

    This would be great for my son!

  31. Chrysa says:

    The Newborn Care DVD would be most helpful.

  32. Carolsue says:

    I’d love to learn more about breastfeeding. It’s hard for me.

  33. Gianna says:

    BreastFeeding and Newborn Care 🙂
    I wonder if they do anything for nursing twins?

  34. Lily Kwan says:

    I would find the Newborn Care DVD most useful.

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