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Lead Poisoning Protection Urged For Children

I have done many posts about lead poisoning. It is one of the most dangerous metals that you can be exposed to, especially a child with an immature nervous system.

Children’s rights groups say the federal government has done nothing to protect children living in homes with lead hazards even though North American researchers have known for more than a decade that lead paint was applied routinely to many homes before 1960.

Studies have indicated one in 20 children are affected by poisoning from lead dust, which can harm brain development in young children and has been linked to behaviour problems such as aggression, learning difficulties, language problems, increased dropout rates and attention deficit disorder.

But the advocates say there are no definitive studies assessing the extent of the problem or the threat posed by aging homes in Canada.

A group called The First Six Years, formed to raise awareness of the issue, is leading an effort to persuade Ottawa to get a handle on the lead poisoning issue.

The group says 3.5 million Canadian homes were built before 1960 and a quarter of Canadian children under age four live in older homes.

The groups warn the two factors together represent a potentially large problem and they’re urging governments to quickly test blood lead levels in children to identify regional hot spots and fund programs to correct the problem.

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