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Liev Schreiber Rides With His Boys On A Bicycle Built For Three!

It doesn’t get any more convenient that this! Liev Schreiber was spotted out on Sunday taking a spin with his two boys Alexander and Samuel in New York City.

At first glance it appears that the boys are just riding wherever the actor can put them, but a better look shows that they each have their own seats and are buckled in.

Liev is actually riding the ‘Workcycles Fr8‘, which is designed for heavy-duty purposes: delivery, industry or carrying kids and purchases.  Perfect for NYC families that need to get around but don’t want a car, this bike is usually equipped with a special, long rear carrier that can fit either one child seat and large panniers, or seating for two kids. A mount on the front accommodates a third child plus a large wooden basket in the front for groceries. Pretty genius right?



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