Lingerie Model Sarah Stage Gives Birth To A Baby Boy!

Throughout her pregnancy, lingerie model Sarah Stage drew controversy for her super-toned pregnant body with a barely there belly.

Pregnant Lingerie Model Sarah Stage

Often posing in her bra and underwear, many found it hard to believe that a woman who was almost full term, could still have such and incredible shape – and abs!

Pregnant Lingerie Model Sarah Stage almost full term

On many occasions, the disbelief grew into concern that she wasn’t eating enough to nurture her baby.

But Sarah proved everyone wrong on Tuesday when she welcomed a 8lb 7oz baby James. Measuring 22 inches the newborn looked snug as a bug in an adorable knitted fox outfit.

Lingerie Model Sarah Stage's newborn son James

Your shape while pregnant has a lot to do with diet, your exercise routine, height and genetics. Sarah is a 5’9″ model, who has never been pregnant. Kudos to her for being able to maintain a gorgeous figure while carrying a healthy baby!

Pregnant Lingerie Model Sarah Stage


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