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Lost Photos of Jackie Kennedy And A Baby John Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy will always be remembered for her elegance and simple beauty. It didn’t matter what she was doing or where she was – she always looked glamorous.

The Daily Mail has some ‘lost’ photos of President Kennedy and the First lady that were taken during a photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar in 1961.

Of the hundreds of pictures taken at the session, only 17 were published in that year’s February edition.

The rest were donated to Washington’s Smithsonian Museum, where they were locked away for more than 40 years.

Only now have they been published in a new book – bringing back poignant memories of an age when politics seemed to have such a magic innocence that the Kennedy circle was christened Camelot after the legendary court of King Arthur in medieval Britain.

The one I like the best is of the new mom and her 2 month old son John.

John was born just 17 days after his father was elected to the presidency and this photo shoot took place just a few weeks after that.

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