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Love/Hate Relationship With My Travel Stroller

We purchased our little travel stroller in February just before our cruise.

The cabins on a cruise boat are not big enough to accommodate our normal stroller, which is the Evenflo travel system, so we decided it was time to find something new.

I had a list of criteria that I needed my stroller to meet. It had to fold up nicely, have a cup holder (to hold the bubba), recline fully for our son to sleep in, have a good-sized canopy to keep the sun off of his head, and have a 5-point harness.

Let’s just say that my list is impossible unless I am looking to spend $250 + up.

After many fights and lots of research, I bought the Combi/Strolee ST Stroller.

My husband loved the way it folded up so conveniently and had a strap to flip the whole thing over your shoulder – so we bought it.

I was obviously not thinking clearly because once the stroller was put together I realized that it barely had any of the features that I was looking for in a travel stroller.

There was no 5-point harness, no cup holder, it barely reclines, I kick the bottom of it when we are walking and there is no room to put anything underneath….In short, I hate this thing, but my husband loves it.

He loves how compact it is when you fold it up and they way that it is able to be carried conveniently on your back when you are going through the airport.

Every family should have a second stroller for traveling or just simply taking to the mall, but you should do your research first. Don’t settle when you are trying to find the perfect stroller. We settled and I regret it. I am stuck with this darn thing now because it would be ridiculous for me to buy another stroller when we really don’t need it.

If you are just looking for something that meets your child’s basic needs, but is a step up from a $5 umbrella stroller then this is the model for you. It walks ok, my son is semi-comfortable when he rides in it, and it travels very well.

I guess what it comes down to is that I am not fond of it because it doesn’t cater to my needs. There is nowhere to put my son’s sippy cup so we have to carry it in our hands. There is nowhere to store our stuff so I have to lug it over my shoulder. If my son falls asleep in it, which he frequently does, he has to sleep sitting straight up and the canopy does cover his head, but not fully.

The combi stroller is available at most department stores. There are two models available named the DX and ST. The DX model has nicer fabric choices, and an added 5-point harness for $40 more. The ST model is the one I have and it is priced at $60 U.S.

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