Low Rise Bikini Underwear For A Toddler?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck brought up a good point on he View today. Apparently she was having trouble finding a pair of classic full back underwear for her daughter.

She held up a pair of low rise bikini underwear for toddlers that was considerably smaller than the pair of ‘full backs’ that she eventually found. I guess toddler clothing manufacturers make the low rise underwear to go with the low rise jeans that are made for the little tots.

Because I have a little boy who is not yet potty trained, I haven’t had any experience with toddler underwear. I have to say that it surprises me that any company would create a pair of bikini underwear for any child under the age of 16.

This brings me back to a conversation that I had with a mom last year. She complained to me that the summer clothes family members had bought for her 2 year old were too sexy.

Some of the skirts barely covered her thighs and the t-shirts showed off her belly.

It all makes me happy that I have a boy and the only choices I have is between blue and beige pants, overalls or carpenter cut.

Well, if all else fails mommies – head to the boys section. That’s where most moms buy their little girls jeans so that they have some room to play.

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