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Made In A Volvo

A list of the “sexiest” cars has been released. These cars are said to receive “the most action”, so maybe some of your children were made in one.

The Volvo Estate tops the list because of its roomy interior. Until now it has had a boring image, but it turns out the car has actually seen more action than any other, according to a new survey.

The next two vehicles after the volvo are “vans”. Which let’s be honest, makes it very easy to get busy in because you can probably fit a king sized bed in the back.

Somehow the Ford Escort is seeing more lovin’ than a Porche Carerra.

According the pollsters, some 68% of people have had sex in a car and one in 10 say they have even got fruity while driving.

In the throws of passion, a steamy six percent of respondents said they had damaged their vehicles while getting busy – but only one in 100 of these were bold enough to claim on their insurance.

The 10 cars that have seen the most action are:

1. Volvo Estate

2. Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

3. VW Camper Van

4. BMW 3 Series Saloon

5. Ford Escort

6. Audi TT

7. Land Rover Discovery

8. Porsche Carrera

9. VW Golf

10. Ford Focus


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