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Mader Spinning Tops ~ Little whirling works of art!

There is something about a spinning top that just never gets old. Whether you’re a young one, still too small to do it yourself, watching someone spin the top, or advanced in years but young at heart, spinning tops are truly a toy for all! 

Mader Kreiselmanufaktur in Austria was founded by Klaus and Margit Mader in 1991. Each one of their over 50 different types of spinning tops is carefully and exclusively hand-made in limited quantities by the small team of talented wood-turners at the Mader workshop. Wood used for the tops is native to Europe, and maple is most often the wood used for the tops that are brightly painted, whereas a combination of other woods is used for those tops left naturally colored. Each top carries the company’s trademark: a burn line running along the equator of the top.

Each top is rated from 1 to 6 in terms of difficulty, with tops like the ‘Tango’, a simple little top in 7 beautiful color variations, having a difficulty ranking of 1 and the ‘Thunderbolt’, often referred to as ‘Grandpa’s Top’, a more bullet shaped top, being the most difficult top that Klaus makes. 

The combinations of different styles, difficulty ratings and color palettes seem endless. In this plethora of little spinning works of art, there is bound to be the perfect one for all those young and young at heart!  – Belinda, Staff Writer

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