Mama Rock Lays Down The Law!

Rose Rock, mother to famous comedian Chris Rock has written a book about parenting that is refreshing and easy to follow.

In her 42 years as a mother, Rose has raised 10 children and cared for 17 foster children.

This book reads more like a friend giving advice, than a supermom touting her ways. Rose speaks from her heart and offers great advice that would benefit a family of 3 or one of 10.

While the main premise of this book is Mama Rock’s 10 vital rules, Rose also makes it clear that ‘any rule can be modified to fit into your own home’.

She re-iterates the very basics of parenting, including having respect for your parents – always, having respect for your siblings and staying together as a family.

In the words of Chris Rock,

“As of the writing of this foreword, none of Rose’s children has a criminal record or has had any baby mommas. How did Rose and my father pull this off? With a little love, a lot of understanding and a good belt.”

A Nice Added Bonus: Rose’s kids are quoted in each segment of the book reminiscing about their childhood. Their stories support the clever words Rose writes in this book.

This book was provided by The Parent Bloggers Network for Review.

It is available for purchase at Amazon.


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