Jenny and Brian Masche Multiple Births Sextuplets

Masche Sextuplets Going Home One At A Time!

After arriving 7 weeks early last month, the Masche sextuplets will be going home one at a time. Jenny Masche, the babies mom, told the Today Show this morning that Blake will be coming home today to be followed by Baily in a day or two.

Cole would have been the first but he has to undergo surgery to correct a type of hernia at his belly button. Hopefully, they will have him home by Tuesday.

“I’m kind of lucky that I get one at a time,” Jenny said. “I get one baby for a few days, then I’ll have two babies. We’ll kind of wean me into the process.”

The other three babies — Grant, Savannah and Molli — are still partially dependent on feeding tubes and must remain in the hospital until they are able to “suck, swallow and breathe at the same time,” Jenny said. All can take partial feedings orally, but must finish feeding by tube.

Last week I updated Jenny’s condition after she suffered acute heart failure several hours after giving birth. On her blog she said that her eyesight wasn’t 100% and that she was undergoing vestibular therapy that would last for the 4 weeks. At that time reading was difficult and she was unable to drive.

Today, she says that she is 90% better, which is good to hear. She will need to be at 150% in order to keep up with her babies.

The whole family has pitched in to help with feedings and diaper changes…even grampa. Jenny’s mom says that “these are the first diapers he’s changed in his whole life.”

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