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Masche Sextuplets Invade The Today’s Show!

The world got to see first hand this morning what it is really like to have 6 three-year-olds when the Masche Sextuplets invaded the Today Show. Dressed in identical outfits with their first initials embroidered on their shirts, Savannah, Bailey, Grant, Cole, Molli and Blake ran all over the studio and played games as their parents attempted to promote their TV show – Raising Sextuplets.

masche sextuplets on The Today Show

The interview, which started off crazy stayed that way for most of the 4 minutes that Jenny and Brian were to be interviewed by Natalie Morales.

During that time the couple worked to break up fights, keep the kids occupied and answer the odd question.

There is no denying it – Raising Sextuplets is a challenge!

Here is the video:

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  • Ok…. We see these little ones running around which is kinda normal for thier age but I hope they install some disipline in them really soon.
    They are old enough to mind. Well.. I’ve watch all the shows so far and this is what I’ve seen…
    Jenny is the strong one in this family.. The mature one. She has scrupples when the father Brian doesn’t.
    He is very abusive to Jenny and in front of all the children. He down grades her often. His self esteem is very low and his pride,High. He took a tandrum at her mom and dads house, Snatched a few kids up side ways and took them out of the house. He’s abusive to the kids as well. He makes them stay in the bathroom alone in time-out. Big NO-NO Jenny does give in too much to the kids and wont make them mind and reason being is because brian is mean to them all.
    It’s a tough road ahead for this family. Brian will only get worse.. He’s jobless while Jenny works as a doctor/nurse and brings in the bacon. He moved his family to Florida and away from any family they had in Arizona… He’s a nit-wit and she follows him.
    I hope she wakes up soon. Those kids will get hurt.
    I’m shocked that they did this.. Growing a garden is not a good idea.. especially when you have kids outside next to it…. I don’t like brian at all.
    He’s too abusive to Jenny and the kids.. I wish her parents would have made her stay back in Arizona.. but they couldn’t..

  • I agree 100% about Bryan. He lacks self esteem and is egotistical. He acts like a female most of the time. Jenny is gorgeous and intelligent, she can have any job and any man she wants, even with those adorable kids(who I do agree lack discipline….but only due top the fact that they live with negative energy coming between mom and dad)….understandable. Jenny should move back to Arizona, regain her wonderful support system and structure and raise decent and disciplined children. They are in danger presently. I am a social worker and see bad things happening if they stay together. Bryan won’t change, he has problems stemming from his childhood and needs lots of therapy. Why should Jenny and the kids suffer because of his problems? He is useless and in denial. He has no patience and he scares me. I worry about this family because of him. Mark my words………something terrible is going to happen in the near future to this family, I hate to say. I pray not.

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