Multiple Births

Masche Sextuplets on The Today Show

It seems the world cannot get enough of the Masche Sextuplets.

The whole family appeared on The Today Show last week to give an update on how the babies are doing.

Meredith and the whole Today show crew have followed these babies from birth.

Here is the video:

Another video after the jump please

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  • I just saw the latest 1 yr birthday episode of the Today show 12/15/08. Did they say they are having biting issues? Try a dash of tabasco… it’s not HOT HOT pepper it’s something we all could eat. It didn’t take but two bites for my son, a warning the first time, the hot pepper the second both incidents probably between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2. No more biting. We don’t use it often VERY sporadic, but just the thought of it like for ‘bad language’ or ‘spitting’. They don’t even consider the bad behavior again.

  • I just saw the 1 year birthday episode on the Today Show. It is horrible to think that a doctor would tell you to bite your own child. And dont even think about giving your child a hot sauce to stop biting. That is cruel. My son was also a biter. I made him bite himself but he had to bite himself hard enough to leave a mark. It only took a week of that and he was done with biting. Just make sure you see the bite on his hand. I guarantee he wont like it and will quit soon. Good Luck!

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