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Masche Sextuplets To Star In “Raising Sextuplets”

Mega Multiples seem to be getting a lot of attention lately.

With the success of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and the arrival of the amazing octuplets today, networks are clamoring to profile these families.

The Masche Sextuplets will be the next Mega family to hit the small screen when the continuation of their show “Raising Sextuplets” airs on WE in June.

The family decided to do the show because they thought it was the perfect opportunity to document all six of their children’s lives. The show will follow the family and show how Bryan and Jenny Masche raise their three boys, Blake, Cole, and Grant and their three girls, Savannah, Molli, and Bailey, while still managing to keep full-time jobs. The family lives by themselves and manages to do everything by themselves; the only help the family does receive is from the sextuplets’ grandparents. To manage this, Bryan and Jenny have to maintain different work schedules. Brian works during the day as a pharmaceutical sales rep and Jenny works the night shift in the ER of Kingman Regional Medical Center as a physician’s assistant.

The couple’s adventure all began when they decided to try artificial insemination after not being able to have children on their own for two and a half years. On June 11, 2007 the sextuplets were born in Phoenix at the Good Samaritan Hospital through cesarean section. Jenny delivered the sextuplets at 30 weeks, eight weeks premature. After the delivery Jenny went into heart failure and nearly died. Luckily, Jenny is now well and happy and the family was blessed with six healthy babies who have no health issues.

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  • I don’t understand why seemingly nice people would choose to have such a high-multiple birth family. This family is every bit as greedy as the Gosselins. Parents should think before they breed. If there is a possibility of more than three children, will you be able to raise them or will you have to strip yourself of dignity and beg for others to provide what parents should provide for their children. Six children is a large family but not any larger than many families in our country. I was the eldest of five and we led a very luxurious life, all five went to college, had orthodontia, ballet lessons, piano lessons and a nice wedding. AND MY MOTHER STAYED HOME AND TOOK CARE OF US. Stop whining and take care of your kids in private.

  • The Masche Family is just that – a family. I am so pleased anytime I get to see them or hang out with them. I don’t have access to their upcoming show at this time, but I am excited for them to be on it… They are people who I believe can be in a different light than what people may be used to. These are easy going, hard working, very devoted to their faith and their family people!! I am thankful that they are being asked to share their family through media and that they have excepted this request… that others may see on a regular basis a beautiful example of a deserving family of six children. May they be blessed even more for their determination to be Godly spouses and Godly parents! I hear less whining from these guys then what comes out of my own mouth with my three kids… they are lots of fun and genuine people taking it one day at a time!! Have fun Masches!!!

  • To Linda in NM,
    First of all, you are ignorent-you don’t even know this family! How could you say that they are GREEDY?? They are very hard working family, with all the needed support of their families and close friends who love to help in any way. Brian takes very good care of his family, holds a job, continued his education and has recently received his MBA, congratulations Brian!! – Jenny works at a doctors office. I think they are remarkeble parents. They also, for your information and your judgemental mind, did not ask for any help – let alone “beg” from anyone in the outside world – They did also not ask to be on television – the media came to them!!! God blessed them with 6 beautiful babies. Yes, the doctors did discuss the possible medical complications they might have to endure, however their decision was to not abort any of the babies and let God!! Would you think it would have been better to eliminate and abort 2 or 3 of your children?? That is murder!! Could you kill one of your children? They were alive inside of her! What are you thinking – HOW DARE YOU!!!!! You must be very lonely yourself and more than likely unmarried and childless!
    From a proud parent (non related to the Masche family)

  • Amen to the 2nd comment….I couldn’t have said it better myself. People who comment like the first one should do their homework before passing judgement on others. Thank you!

  • My understanding is they used ‘the turkey baster’ thingy. Only her strongest eggs were expected to ‘take’. Well — she had strong eggs or ‘his guys’ were persuasive….lol
    Loved this show – loved the kids — loved the parents – loved the grandparents and allll of the relatives.
    It is only filmed 5 days a month. My guess is this couple is using the money for trust funds for the kids education. AND to help pay that 1200 dollars a month grocery bill !!!!
    When they get to a 1.5 million dollar house and a million snd a half year salary – we will see if they change …….

  • The Masches seem like genuine, and very hardworking people to me. However, I do think they should have reconsidered their decision not to selectively reduce the pregnancy. Even most pro-life people feel termination is acceptable when the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother; Jenny nearly died. Furthermore, they were extraordinarily lucky that none of the children have developmental difficulties.
    I don’t think anyone should have to undertake such a daunting life as raising sextuplets, I certainly don’t think I could make a fit mother to six toddlers, and it is not the choice I would have made. The reason this issue is controversial, however, is that Jenny and Brian truly believe they are doing the right thing. And for the time being they seem to be making ends meet. So who am I to say they are wrong.

  • I think that they are very brave to take on the responsibility of having six children. It is hard raising just one. I think to look back now and say what if this, what if that is not the nicest thing to do. They made their choice and they are making it work. Congradulations Brian and Jenny.

  • Jenny is a breath of fresh air! I love that they take care of their children and show the good the bad and the ugly to the camera! I love that they show the normal chaos that ensues in a large household. I love that she is taking the kids out on play dates and doing things. I loved that she spatted the little ones hand when he pulled his sisters hand! They are being themselves and doing the very best they can with what they have. I hope they can remain true to themselves and their children for the duration of the show!

    Good luck and God Bless!

  • I happen to know a relative of Jenny’s who told me of the pregnancy long before the media caught wind of their news. Although very young, they are a VERY religious couple who….despite being encouraged to do so…could not emotionally, mentally or physically reduce the number of babies. They weren’t hoping for 6 but once that was determined to be their fate she believed that’s how it was to remain. The less judging they get, the better. I know I wouldn’t want to raise 6 kids and have my evey moment judged as well!!

  • Why on earth do people have any interest in this kind of crap anymore? When you use artificial insemination, or any other form of IVF or anything like that, you have an ENORMOUS chance of having multiples, especially “mega” multiples. This is not a surprise anymore, nor is it “impressive.” Show me a family that has sextuplets without any sort of intervention – I’m still not going to be impressed, but at least that’s much more rare and surprising.

    I refuse to watch any of these ridiculous shows. These families all claim they want to document their kids’ lives – it’s called buying a video camera and DOING IT YOURSELVES. Every network that adds shows like this to their lineup is doing nothing but encouraging people to have as many kids as possible in order to possibly gain money and fame. It’s insane. The world is already massively over-populated – how about we stop encouraging people to add to that so drastically?! Families can be happy and complete with just 2 or 3 kids – I don’t believe in being “quiverful” – it’s a load of bull.

  • I think to each their own, if you do not like what others are doing then mind your own business.Don’t bash on others, when you don’t have a clue. For Jen, I would like to see you try to use a video camera all the while trying to catch your kids and keep them safe. I would rather keep them safe and let someone else do the taping.Also, there was a time when it was not uncommon to have large families. Why be so hard on these families, no is rudely calling names to the Duggers for having 18 kids. Is it because they chose to do it one at a time, not all women are lucky to be able to get pregnant and have to resort to a little help. This family has choosen a life for themselves and bless them for all the hard work it is going to be, but what a life they will have. Good luck and ignore all the dumb people out there, do what you have to do for your family, because in the end only you and your children matter.

  • I was surprised when I read the posting by “Comment by linda in nm”. They are not whining at all! They both work full time, and they both have successful careers. In case Linda is not in tune with average salaries and certain careers pertaining to the medical field, most pharm sales reps make between $65,000-$85,000 annually, and PAs (Physicians Assistants) can easily make up to $90,000 annually. Hardly “begging for other to provide” for them. Who cares if they have a show. And, honestly, who are you to bash medical assistance in getting pregnant. There is what, a 1 in 1 million chance of have 6 babies take. Are you saying that if people cannot get pregnant on their own than they should not have kids at all? Anyone using artificial treatments has a chance of multiples. It’s just not common.

    And, in direct difference to the Gosselins (sp?), this family seems to document events and functions more than “every second of every day”. I am sure they will make good money off of the show, but they seem to be a nice couple with their heads on their shoulders. There is no reason for people to be so judgmental of them. Their show just started and some are all ready going nuts!

  • “For your information and your judgemental mind, did not ask for any help – let alone “beg” from anyone in the outside world ”

    Actually, they did ask for a van, had a spot on the website where you can donate to their “build their dream house fund”, Brian asked for the their portion of the hospital bill to be written off, they also asked for formula and diapers. All this was on their website. It was also mentioned in the articles and interviews. Jenny admits that the lovefest, fascination, and therefore handouts died down after the 1st year. They would like to keep the interest going. Has admitted she wants to quit working and be a stay-at-home mom so they are doing the show and whatever they can to make that possible. Soo….

  • I think these people are great parents. To care for all six must be hard work! However, I disagree with exposing their children by putting them on T.V. They’ve seen what it has done to Jon and Kate Gosselin. Why do they what to follow their foot steps?

    I think this is a wonderful family. Both the parents are hard working and down to earth. But I just don’t understand the need to put their children on T.V. It’s wrong! I know that I don’t know these people and I’m being judgmental but I just don’t understand why they can’t go out and get a video camera and document their kids lives that way.

  • There are ppl out there that have trouble getting pregnant and soemtimes even with the vitro and such they STILL can’t get pregnant. Yes the odds of having six babies and having them surrviving and not have any sever problems is a blessing. So, what if they need help, they’re not asking for welfare or food stamps. Like ALOT of ppl in America. They work and try to better themselves. I bless them in hoping they stay this way and don’t let the money and greed get to them.


  • I agree with those that are “bashing” the couple. If you are so religious, why didn’t you just let God and nature work out, regardless of the outcome? Last I checked, humans weren’t intended to have a “litter” of babies… thus it would be my guess that since God didn’t make your body to have 6 at once on it’s own, it probably isn’t in his plan. I do not feel sorry for these families when they have these kids and they are born deathly sick, have major disability, die, etc. I feel bad for the KID because they didn’t ask for that, but I DO NOT feel for the parents. And, for those that say they aren’t being greedy, they certainly are. Hey, I just saw a commercial preview for the next show and guess what? The mom is going to get plastic surgery on her tummy and boobs! Hmmm, sound familiar? A-la Jon and Kate? How much you wanna bet their insurance or they themselves are going to pay for that? Betcha ZILCH! Agree with the poster above, the networks that produce and air this crap can count me out as a viewer… Wonder when they will get their new million dollar house? Kate, I mean Jenny… mirror images of the same crap…

  • this mom brags about raising her children but then contradicts herself in saying that he and she both work – i counted the trips that they made out and it seems there is always 1 adult for each child(supposedly grandparents)to me this is not raising your kids – to raise your kids you have to be there and doing the work yourself – organized. this mom seems to be really interested in herself, how she looks and what she does – while dad seems to be very immature in what is acceptable for children this age.
    the children seem to be a little behind in their skill levels and a couple of them may have developmental problems in which case the earlier they get them help, the better off they will be this group reminds me of the table for 12 brood where if they are behaving badly, they are given food and drink to shut them up- good luck with the manners the children will have if they dont start some kind of organization in their household and dont depend on grandma and grandpa to do it all so they can go out and run races and dine out the whole thing is this is their brood to raise, not the grandparents – grandparents can be a support staff, but stop using them

  • All you ppl that are bashing this couple make it sound like you are the perfect parents. How dare you judge how others raise THEIR children. I think it is wonderful that the grandparents are involved. Don’t tell me or anyone else that you have never asked grandma and grandpa to watch “the kids” so that you can have a “date night”. There are a lot of families that both parents have to work and they are. He is even trying to make himself better (going to school) to make a better life for their kids. I didn’t see Kate or Jon doing that. So don’t say that they are anything alike. And what would you “bashers” want, Jenny sitting on her ass eating bon bons and wearing sweatpants? Over half of America have less kids than she does and she still looks better than you. Every women should take time to care for themselves. This is the 21st centery for heaven sakes. Remember these are their kids not yours. So stop trying to tell them what is best and acceptable. Your way may not be theirs (ie vick taylor).

  • “God blessed them with 6 beautiful babies.”
    GOD did not bless them with 6 babies, science did. I agree, human beings are not meant to have this amount of babies at one time. If you know that you couldnt afford to care for a multitude of babies on your own, then you should not use reproductive technologies! Sorry, but some people just arent meant to have children. There is always a reason why. This pisses me off. They could’ve just adopted.

  • In your opinion, they could have adopted, that is not for everyone. There is a lot of things that science has done for people, If it was “god’s” will then, there should not be any medical field at all and let “god’s hands” dictate people’s lives (cancer, genetic defects, HIV etc etc etc). If you want god to dictate then don’t use science. So in your opinion, it is ok to use science for some reasons but not others. Everyone deserves the right to have a child of their own and science has to help them, mind your own business, if you don’t believe in it, don’t do it. There are a lot of people out there that has had plastic surgery, not just because they had six children. If someone was to get in a car accident, it is god’s will and they should live with it because he wants it so. Give me a break. IF it is all his will then you (Alicia) shouldn’t go to the doctor for any of your needs because all the doctor knows and acts on is science and research, but it is different because it is you isn’t it and you apparently think that you are better then most.

  • I just think that if people are going to be using fertility treatments then they should be PREPARED for and should able to care for a mutiple babies. You know, they wanted some of their hospital bill to be written off, so they wouldnt have to pay for it. Obviously, without donations, they would be unable to afford to pay for these children… How do you feel about that? Wouldnt it be better if the US governments money was used for better things like cancer research etc, instead of caring for these peoples babies. People with cancers etc deserve treatment for their illnesses. I don’t have an issue with people using fertility treatments as long as they are paying for them out of their own pocket… As far as I’m concerned, they aren’t. The government is. I think religion influences our medical research, politics etc far too much.

  • Another point. If this family didnt want media coverage then they could have just turned down the show and continued on with their lives. They clearly decided otherwise. That just goes to show you how greedy and selfish they are. They are just as bad as the Gosselins. You just want to believe they aren’t.

  • What is the difference if a woman decides to have six babies all at different times (naturally or via help)There are a lot of people out there that have quite the brood and are on assistance and abuse the government’s help. Those ppl don’t work or attempt to work or better themselves, at least these ppl are working. So how about other shows, let’s see. The little couple are they greedy? One is a doctor, boy she sounds greedy to me. The goverment spends a lot of money on people of all ages, why should the babies not get any help, because they were not concieve naturally. And what about the Duggers, they are religious, are they horrible people because they are on t.v.? Plus, if you don’t know the Masche’s personally then how do you know what they are thinking or their reasoning for doing the show. IF you like the show, then watch it, if you believe that they are greedy and going to hell for putting their kids on tv, then don’t watch it.

  • I don’t know if these people are horrible people, they don’t seem to be, I don’t know if these people are like the Gosslins, I don’t know either personally. I just like the show.

  • Is their website gone? I could not find it. Be that as it may, each and every one of those kids seem to have very delayed speech. During the interview with Merideth Verira, not one of them said anything but one word–“bubbles” at their two year old birthdate. Before that, I have seen them walking around with cell phones on their TV show without any babbling. A toddler at age two should be putting at least two words together. I just do not seem to understand publicizing these mega families and not discussing the risks to the mothers or children involved. I honestly think it is very selfish to bring so many kids into the world with so great a risk. The government is going to have to pick up the tab for the special ed classes they will all need. Do you all realize the Gosslin six are going to Pre K when they should be going to Kindergarten? There could be some delay issues there as well. Why do that on purpose when reduction is available? It was not God’s plan to have 6, so why not reduce? God has nothing to do with it. Medical Science does.

  • I know Bryan and his family and the entire Masche/Yolla family have always supported one another throughout the years. The grandparent involvement was always there for every child. Because I was unable to have children, I completely understand their need to pursue options to have children. And their responsible actions to take what was given them and deal with it is commendable in this self-centered society. Look at those children and ask yourself which one you would have killed.

  • I have just finished watching Ouch Sextuplets and I admire this family so much! I couldn’t get enough of them! They have gone from having no kids and worrying that they’d never have them to a miracle pregnancy…and that all anyone could ever ask for.
    Both parents still work to support the family which is more than a lot of parents do. I wish them all the luck in the world for the future…and hope they continue filming their special journey!!

  • I just stumbled on this show and have to say that I am very sad for these children. Three words: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Not to attack the mother in anyway, but it is very apparent if you know anything about FAS. Each and everyone of them have the facial features of FAS and their delays are consistent with the syndrome as well. I guess it is a good thing they have decided to do this show because at least they will be more likely to receive and afford the enormous amount of intervention services they will need as the kids’ delays and behavior problems become more apparent and more challenging as they get older. The mom and dad are in for a big challenge…even bigger than the enormous challenge of having sextuplets to begin with. Word of advice: Get the services now and stay consistent. The earlier the better.

  • I was a fan but with the new episodes about them leaving four sets of supportive, loving grandparents and leaving a good job for something more iffy, in this economy… I just lost interest. I can see catastrophe coming, the husband doesn’t seem to care, so he can go down that path without my viewership.

  • To the supposed psycologist… You are too funny!! Hunny, if you really ARE a psychologist as you say..highly doubtfull..then you are the worst psychologist ever and need a bit more education! You say that this mother had abused alcohol during her pregnancy and caused facial deformities and delayed…key word here that you’re missing..’delayed’ speach? So does a multipal birth you 1/2 witt! As they explained in one of the episodes, multiples are almost always delayed in their speach! It is also a fear/worry of mine with my 11mo old twins… These beautiful children, like mine WILL catch up eventually.. It is only a temporary thing.. With twins I know they saythey usually catch up at around two years of age. This is primarily due to their interaction with eachother and creating if you will, their own language. Another reason I know you cldnt really be of the mental health profession is that it is WIDLY considered irresponsible to ‘diagnose’ without first hand knowledge of the patient.
    My opinion as a mother of multiples, my hat is off to them for taking this all on and with such positivity and enthusiasm!! I know my days are loaded with just two at such a young age and they are doing great! And you’re damn right, they get and need families help in the day to day! What do you think the word family means?? Remember, it takes a village! If their families are willing to help then let them! I know my parents LOVE helping and being able to spend as much time with their grand children whom they love almost as much as we do as parents! Who are you to day that they shouldn’t help when asked to or not?! You’re not the ones raising them, you have no right to’s only for entertainment of those who want a glimpse into theses peoples lives. And you’re damn right, if I was offered a tv show making a crap ton of money just because I have multiples I would in a heart beat and not have a first thought of guilt! Who wouldn’t? Who in this world wldnt jump at the chance to gain celebrity or more income?? Didn’t you ever have dreams of being a famous singer, athlete, or movie star? I know I did! And as long as it is not harming the children in any way(which I’d like for someone to prove to me that it does at this age and only so few days a month/year) then there is absolutely nothing you or anyone can say about it! John and Kate:they were just two idiots all in their own! They didn’t need multiples to change them! They messed their relationship up long before the cameras..

  • Oh, and re the FAS and facial features.. That is due to them being a multiple birth.. it’s not just from FAS. Yes, FAS can cause facial deformities but it is not the only thing that does. I had unusually large twins(6.2lbs and 8lbs), but I don’t know anyother multiple baby or singleton baby with a more than normal low birth weight that didn’t have the same look in the placement of the eyes and other features.. Believe it or not but their features will also catch up and become more proportional to their head/face!

  • Dear Psychologist: Please review whatever medical training you may have. I worked in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which dealt with lots of premature infants. These children are not the product of FAS. They are typical of low birthweight children (under 2500 grams or approx. 5 lbs 8 oz) due to multiple gestation. They ranged in birth weights from 2 to 3 lbs. As you can see, while all of the children did have a certain look at birth, 5 of the 6 have pretty much grown out of it. Sweet Savannah is the only one left with some remnants of this and that is because she was the smallest, born at 2 lbs 1 oz. Savannah would fit into the extremely low birthweight category because she was under 2 lbs 3 oz. She is, however, definitely progressing well. Children such as Savannah have to fight for every bit of their nutrition while in utero and can end up stronger in the end because of that fight.

  • FAS, are you serious?. I am pretty sure the hospital that she was staying at for all those months slipped her a little on the side. You, pscychologist, are a idiot. I sure hope you are not practicing. Anyway, I have been watchng this show since it started and I am amazed at their family. I have two children and they can drive me nuts. I wish them the best and I hope that they can have a trusting, caring support system in Florida. No one should have to raise a family alone, six or two, It DOES take a village. Good Luck!!!!

  • I think the Gosselin family and the gifts and money that they have been given and made did disservice to a number of young couples who were looking for an easy way out with tv shows.

    Jenny and Brian are very much like the Gosselins. She is three years older than Brian and at age 30, she thought the time was limited for having a large family. They were married and she had two pregnancies that failed in two years. It wasn’t a matter of getting pregnant. It was a matter of keeping the pregnancy going. Why did she need to get drugs to stimulate her ovaries. She states in one interview that she had illness from overstimulation of her ovaries, just as Kate did. K ended up in the hospital to keep the babies early on and then for the last several months, just as Jenny did.

    Jenny consulted K about a tv show and how she got all of the freebies. J was planning for a show from the time she got pregnant.

    Both of these parents are poor parents. Their children are neglected, not given any help with earning the proper socialization skills of others their age.

    The Masche’s are poor copies of the rotten G family. They are the ugly version of the G’s. Jenny looks like she has been beaten with the ugly stick and Brian looks like a big tick ready to explode. The kids have inherited all their worst traits, including their bad, volatile behavior.

    There is no pleasure in watching this dysfunctional family berate each other and then go to marital counseling. The marriage is not going to last much longer.

  • Honestly – anyone who has more than three kids is selfish, deluded and destructive.

    The human race needs to DECREASE its numbers, not INCREASE THEM!

  • And Linda for the win! She just filed for separation. And whether or not psychologist is a psychologist or not, who cares, those kids look like they have downs syndrome. If God didnt make your body able to have children, then you shouldnt, especially if you know you could possibly end up with 6 that you simply cannot afford. This family is self destructing, and people this selfish deserve it. I am just sorry for the kids who have zero choice in either whatever retardation they have, or in the matter of their a-hole parents who HAD to have kids so badly, the ruined the lives of 6 human beings. well played breeders!!!

  • I find this family totally out of control, it is not a good show, and terrible role modelling for these kids. The kids are always screaming,and miserable. I think there is something medically wrong with them all. The mother is a bimbo does she ever cook a proper meal? guess she can’t fiqure out that disipline has to start now or she will get what she deserves as they grow older so much chaos from morning to night and no organization, so glad she dosn’t come to a restaurent I am having supper in, and glad she is not a family member or friend of mine, because I would not let this bunch in my home, this family is so sad to watch, which I don’t do very often, bet they will all be in the news one day, comparing her to the octomom……..Karen

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