Mattel New York Toy Fair Toy Fair 2009 Tweenage Dora Virtual Dora

Mattel To Introduce A Grown Up Dora!

This year, Mattel has big news for girls 5 and up – Dora the Explorer is growing up! She’s moved to the big city, attends middle school and has a whole new fashionable look.

Only known as “Tweenage Dora”, this new grown up version will be released this fall and will launch with an online world that allows girls can explore, play games, customize, and most importantly solve mysteries with Dora and her new friends!

The new interactive version is USB compatible with your computer. Once plugged in Teen Dora is able to shop, get her hair done and do her favorite activities.

Parents will be able to purchase new fashions and accessory sets for their kids, which will each unlock a new location for Virtual Dora to explore.

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  • I was actually thinking this change would be no big deal, until I read the last two paragraphs — it looks like the new “Tweenage Dora” is going to be another one of those shopaholic boy-crazy bimbos — just like the Bratz. Although I could be wrong, I’m not getting my hopes up too high. Thank God I’m not a parent.

  • I think this is fantastic, little girls how have grown up in to little tween ladies will love a older Dora just for them. Dora has always been a good role model and I trust this will continue. The “tween” has emerged in popular culture but so little entertainment has been geared just for them. Most 10 year old girls are tooth and claw attached to high school musical and Hannah Montana, which has no educational value or a real tween character. It will be nice to have a character their age they can relate too. Tween girls are learning the fun of there first cute little purse and first crushes while still playing dress up, dolls, soccer and all those sweet little childish games. I really trust that Dora will age gracefully and be a good friend to our tween daughters and nieces.

  • This is bad, really bad. I understand that people want change but not like this. Kids are going to start acting like this little “hoe” dora with the new look. I’m 14 and no I dont wacth dora, well I us to with my sisters baby and that was fine. I will not allow any child to wacth this new dora.

  • The grown up Dora will decrease the number of little boys that watch the show because it appears that grown up Dora is more on line with Barbies and Bratz, whereas now Dora (as it is now) is a unisex show. It is OK if girls and boys like to watch Dora. I guess that means Diego is going to be moving into puberty really soon also. I will be sure to keep all of our current DVDs of the original Dora for my children to continue to watch.

  • Oh yeah, my son just inquired what will happen to Boots and all of Dora’s other friends? Are they growing up as well? O never mind. I forgot she is moving away–that means new friends.

  • Its too bad that in order to make money you have to constantly change their image. My 6 yr old loved Dora and still watches it sometimes. I can’t see where 8-10 yr olds will want to play with this. I only see them trying to compete with Bratz & Barbie. keep her like see is and let kids be kids.

  • This is an outrage, What will happen to boots, and the boy fans? This will be about a Fast-Tail hot little girl who would want to date boys she has to set a good example for the children, who watch the show if no one likes Dora’s new change, How will the fans adapt to the new change, my little cousins like the show the way it is, so they should’nt change it!

  • I’m very dissapointed about this. Does this mean little Dora will cease to exist? I understand that kids grow up but it does not have to include Dora. What about ELMo and Ernie and Bert? Sesame Street has been going on for soo long and these little characters have not “grown up”. Why??? Could this have anything to do with our capitalistic society? Could the toy company not be making enough profits on Dora now that they need to change her? What else can I say. I’m very dissapointed.

  • I hate the fact that they are changing Dora. My 9 month old daughter loves the show. She dances with all the songs. My 4 year old and 5 year old nieces also watch the show. Dora helps them to learn colors, counting, shapes, problem solving, and how to help each other. The new Dora is going to be like all the other tween cartoons. Boy-crazy, shopaholic, and focus on looks. Yes, most tweens loose weight around this age in life but some dont. What about the kids that dont? It is going to make them feel like something is wrong with them. People these days are too consentrated on looks. Everywhere you look there is something about sex or the anatomy of males and females. Its wrong. No wonder girls are getting pregnant at the age of 13 and think that they have to dress in short skirts and low cut tops. Its wrong. I highly doubt my daughter will watch the older Dora.

  • I am glad that Dora is growing up cause Dora has been the sam age for like ten years now little kids will start to think something is wrong with Dora because of course they r growing up way faster than her let dora grow up and like boys and stuff its normal your kids still have sesame street to watch some people dont even think about the older kids who isnt old enough tho watch drake and josh but to old to watch the original dora think about the other kids not just your own and let Dora grow up

  • I don’t really think grown up Dora is a bad idea, but im 13 and i doubt that little 8-10 year olds will watch grown up Dora because they already think Dora is a kid’s show.

  • I do not know how I feel about this. Maybe she should have a more gradual step up in age because it is not like10 year olds will start watching dora – they need to age her with the kids.

    Maybe instead they should of introduced an older girl cousin of Dora and then have that be a spinoff….

  • Some people are making too big of a deal about this. no one has even SEEN the stupid show yet. why judge it? Because she actually looks NICE? she’s more covered than she was when she was five for pete’s sake. she doesn’t looks bad at all.just because she looks nice doesn’t mean she will only talk about boys, make-up, and shopping. The most make-up you see on her is chap stick.(her lips aren’t shiny so it can’t be lip gloss)It’s like u would rather have her hair all over the place looking like she couldn’t care less about how she looks. I’d rather be nice looking than look like a slob thank you. no one made this big of a deal when Pebbles and the Rugrats grew up. She’s more covered than Angelica was. She’s average sized too. Is something WRONG about being and ideal weight? Or do you want a role model that’s chubby so youre kids can see it’s alright to be overweight, watching tv, inside all day, eating junk when they want. youre complaining about dora but you let youre kids watch Hannah Montana, Icarly, Zoey101(maybe), and the horrid Bratz series ( i don’t think they show it anymore but they used to) get a grip and raise your kids yourself. your the parent , not the tv. (ever heard of an off switch anyone? or the up button on the remote? not rocket science)

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