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McDonald’s Launching R Gym

McDonald’s is looking to improve their negative reputation by introducing new “gyms” at their resturaunts. Geared towards children aged 3 to 12, the new gyms will feature games that promote physical coordination, strength development, aerobic conditioning and social skills.

Equipped with stationary bicycles attached to video games, dance pads, basketball hoops, monkey bars, an obstacle course, and a host of other games, the R Gym is intended to provide a fun, easy and convenient way for children to increase their physical activity.

"McDonald's, with its wide variety of menu choices at various
nutritional profiles, now also offers a variety of activity
for children that promotes exercise and physical fitness. It's
important for kids to eat a well balanced diet but it is equally
important for them to play. Now,parents can bring their kids to
McDonald's to accomplish both." Bonnie Modguno,registered dietitian
and McDonald's consultant

"The R Gym is another example of McDonald's ongoing commitment to
helping our customers understand the importance of living balanced,
active lives, I believe kids will enjoy the fun and excitement of
the various activities the R Gym offers while parents will appreciate
the convenience and safety." Richard Ruby, owner/operator, McDonald's   

The one thing I like about McDonald’s is that they do their research and implement their ideas effectively. Their concepts are cutting edge and the reflect what kids today are interested in.

Now if we could just get them to offer better choices for us to feed our kids. Veggies and dip, fruit or crackers and cheese instead of fries.

They are such a big player in the food industry. They have the power to change the way our younger generation interprets nutrition. I wish they would just use it to do some good



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