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Mega Multiples On The Rise: Syria Welcomes 2 Sets Of Quints In 3 Days

A woman in the Syrian capital of Damascus has given birth to quintuplets, marking the second such birth in Syria during a three-day period, a doctor says.

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Gynecologist Kana’an al-Saqa said Thursday that a 36-year-old woman, whose identity was not reported, gave birth to four girls and a boy at Damascus’ Maternity Hospital.

The babies arrived by Caesarean section after 34 weeks of pregnancy.

While quintuplet births used to only occur once for every 50 million people, the country saw a similar birth Tuesday when a woman from al-Raqa city gave birth to two boys and three girls.
If I had of covered this story last year, 2 sets of quints in one week would be unusual, but this year – for some reason – it doesn’t seem to unique…
It’s like celebrities who are having twins…



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