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Milla Jovovich Craves Bone Marrow

I have heard of some crazy pregnancy cravings, but never one this wild.

Pregnant model, Milla Jovovich, who has gained 70lbs since falling pregnant with her first child, was in Paris when she experienced an overwhelming desire for “the leg of a cow.”

She told Britain’s Grazia magazine, “I was craving bone marrow one day, and I scoured the whole of Paris searching for the leg of a cow. When I finally found what I was looking for, I cut it in half, digging out the yellowish substance, slathering it all over bread.”

The Ukrainian model, who is expecting a girl, has developed a new relationship with food since falling pregnant.

She said, “Before I got pregnant, I really didn’t care about food. I saw it as fuel, not something to sit down and enjoy. As an actress and model, I lived on cigarettes and coffee, and jet-lag tended to kill off any appetite I had.

“My diet for most of this year has been – for breakfast, four eggs with bacon, toast and butter, if I was at home. Then if I was at a diner, I’d have a Mexican omelette, a stack of pancakes and strawberry milkshake.

“I’d stuff myself with cookies all morning – whatever was in the cupboard really – then I’d have a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for dessert. And I once ate two whole packs of coffee cake in one sitting.”

I love hearing about these models, who have limited their food intake for years, getting pregnant and opening the flood gates.



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