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Milla Jovovich Enjoying Her Growing Belly And Waistline

At a party in L.A. for her Jovovich-Hawk clothing line, Milla Jovovich joked with photographers that she didn’t want to turn to the side too much – but there was no hiding that fact that she’s pregnant and loving it.

“I’m gaining weight, which is fun,” the model-actress-designer, 31, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Paul Anderson, told PEOPLE at the Monday night event hosted by Gen Art.

“I’ve been craving lots of bad stuff but I’ve been cooking a lot. I did this amazing slow-roasted tomato dip the other night, and steaks, and, oh, I’ve been eating my mom’s potatoes – I know how to make my mom’s potatoes – like crazy. It’s awful. I have to stop.”

And how is she preparing for motherhood? Jovovich says she’s “just reading lots of books and trying to talk to all my friends who have kids and getting prepared to start my prenatal yoga and all that kind of stuff soon.”

She’s even getting a little bit ahead of herself: “I’ve read a couple of books by Harvey Karp, the pediatrician, and of course I’ve got Coping with Preschool Panic [a guide to Los Angeles private preschools]. I’m like four months pregnant and I’m already coping with preschool panic!”

The photo was taken at the party and she definitely does not look pregnant yet. I did see another shot where she is wearing casual clothing and her bump is more prominent.

It is important to put some weight on while you are pregnant. The baby needs all of the nutrients that you can provide for them. Models are notorious for starving themselves to obtain a certain look. I am glad that Milla has decided to just enjoy her pregnant body and love the fact that she is going to get fat.


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