Micro-preemie Premature Babies Tamera Dixon

Miracle 24 Weeker Goes Home

When Tamera Dixon arrived in April at 24 weeks gestation she weighed slightly more than 11 ounces and measured just 10 inches. She now weighs four pounds, five ounces.

Tiny Tamera Dixon

“She was so tiny, she could hold in the palm of her hand. She was so emaciated, skin and bones really and she didn’t look human to me,” mother Andrea Haws said.

She only had a 15 percent chance of survival and many consider it a miracle, including her mother.

Tamera was delivered by Caesarean section at Capital Health System’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit when her mother’s kidneys started failing and Tamera stopped growing.

She was so small, doctors worried that the equipment wouldn’t fit.

Dr. Moffitt said all indications point toward an excellent prognosis for Tamera to develop on a normal schedule.

The second smallest baby to born and survive in New Jersey, and now a sister with two big brothers.

Advances in technology are giving these tiny fighters better chances of survival, but that does not rule out developmental delays later on.

Tiny Tamera Dixon

These parents will probably not know if they are going to have issues until Tamera is at least 8/9 months old.

We wish this family luck. They are very fortunate to be able her home in such a short time.

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