Digital Ultra: Two-Way Baby Monitor

Mobi: Two-Way Baby Monitor

I can’t count how many time I have wanted to be able to talk to my son through his monitor when he’s having a meltdown or needs to be calmed down after waking up suddenly.

Mobi has answered my call. They have introduced a monitor that allows parents to communicate with their baby if they can’t immediately get to them.

The Digital Ultra utilizes the latest digital wireless technology to deliver superb static free and secure private sound. Automatic channel scanning and 2-way communication deliver the best audio signal possible up to 1000 ft.

For me this would be perfect if I was finishing up dinner, just as my son was waking up. I may be able to get those few extra moments to clean up the mess or put the rest of the ingredients into the pot.

May being the optimal word. In a perfect world, I would calm my son down on the 2 way, he would wait patiently for me to come and I could finish up what I was doing.

In the real world, it could make things worst and I would have to drop everything and run because he is freaked out that he can’t see where the voice is coming from…

Priced reasonably at $64 at moderntots


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