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Mom Alleges Baby Switched Just After Birth

A couple is alleging that the staff at India’s premier All India Institute of Medical Sciences had swapped their newborn boy with a girl.

In their police complaint, parents Ayuesh Gupta and Prem Lata claim that hospital staff had told them that the mother had delivered a boy.

After the new mom was moved to the general ward they were told that she had given birth to a girl and the baby was given to her.

“We only realised about the baby’s gender when the staff gave us the baby. But the medical file given to us also tells a different story.The staff then asked my mother-in-law to return the file but she declined. I somehow managed to get it photocopied. But later they forcefully took both documents from us. We don’t think such an incident has really happened but have decided to go for a DNA test in the face of the allegations. The report will come by Tuesday and we hope everything will be cleared then.” the parents claim.”

It is really surprising how many parents have come forward in the last year with stories of switched babies.How hard is it to put a bracelet on the little guys when they are born?

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  • These employees did not follow Standard of care. I have worked for 37 years wioth newborns. The bands are supposed to be applied with the mother present and # are read to insure they match. Also each and every time the infant goes out to the mother the bands are to be matched. If guidelines are followed this will not happen

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