Mom and Boyfriend Jailed For Fixing Their Toddler To The Wall With Duct Tape

HEARTBREAKING photos have been released today of a distressed toddler who was fixed to a wall using industrial-strength duct tape.

distressed toddler fixed to wall

The 22-month-old boy – his face distorted to hide his identity – was photographed crying and clearly disturbed as he is trapped against the wall of his home near Lincoln, Nebraska. In other images he again looks to be in tears as he tries to reach his bottle which is taped out of reach – and then in others is unable to open his fingers as his hands are taped shut. In some of the scenes his mother and her boyfriend are seen laughing as they pose with the toddler for photos – images that lead to them being jailed.

distressed toddler fixed to wall

Police say his mom Jayla Hamm, 18, and her boyfriend Corde Honea, 19, were “high after a night of partying”. “They did it because they thought it was funny,” said Police chief Bruce Lang. Honea was sentenced to 36 to 60 months years for child abuse while Hamm was sentenced to 10 days in jail to be served over the course of five weekends.

Sadly, the little boy he is being allowed to stay with her under state supervision.

I personally hope they re-consider that.  Moms are supposed to protect their children, not abuse them.

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  • This poor child. I cannot believe that there is a judge out there that believes that this mom deserves to have contact with him. This incident could scar him for years to come.

    I’m scarred just from looking at these pictures. You can almost hear him crying when you look at them.

  • HEY.. You are the worst parents ever.. GOOD JOB. This kind of crap warrants a beating.. I’m so sick of this crap happening, maybe if somebody smashed you morons in the face multiple times you would get the idea… not to mention the moronic judge that is letting the boy stay with their loser subhuman disgusting excuse for a human being of a parent. You will burn in hell… you will.

  • So glad California did not pass Prop 19 otherwise more “high” idiots would probably be doing more of the same.

    Neither should ever be allowed to have contact with that child ever again. 10 days in jail, what a joke.

  • I still have this in my head i will never for get how someone would think this is funny to do to their kid whos almost 2 and then get to keep their kid with supervison um no!!!

  • These parents obiviously are unfit. I think a better solution would be to deny the parent access to the child until they enter treatment for drug abuse.

  • His is such a sad story that mom should be in jail longer and the kid should stay with more responsible people I just wanna hug the little guy

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