Mom Delivers Baby Along Interstate-70

When Quintin Galt and his team of other paramedics received a call to assist Mark and Sarah Davis, he didn’t know that he would be soon helping the couple deliver their baby.

It was 4:25 am when Galt, another medic and three firefighters from Evergreen Fire Rescue were asked to assist the Davis couple as they sped from their home to Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge.

“It’s a 10 to 15 minute drive to the interstate from our house, but we didn’t quite make it,” Mark Davis said. Sarah “said, ‘You need to pull over, my water just broke.’ “

The paramedics were on time to help. They placed Sarah in the ambulance, thinking they could still make it to the hospital. Mark followed in their car, but in less than a minute, the ambulance stopped again.

Sarah had already delivered Baby Landon.

“I ran up to the window as Landon was coming into the world and there he was,” Mark Davis said.

In his seven years as a paramedic, this is the fourth time that Galt has helped deliver a baby under such unique circumstances. Even thought the emergency staff is trained to deliver babies, such situations rarely arrive.

Galt says that among the emergency team he was the only one who had some prior experience with baby births.

“The feeling you get from your own child being delivered is not much different from helping another mom deliver her child,” Galt said. “It’s like no other feeling.”

“There were definitely some comments made about the excitement of it all.”

The delivery however went smoothly and baby Landon arrived weighing eight pounds, 10 ounces.  Even Sarah seemed to take the unusual way her baby decided to enter the world in the right spirit.

“I think the first words out of (Sarah’s) mouth were her son’s name, ‘Meet baby Landon,’ ” Galt recalled.



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