Premature Babies

Mom Goes Into Labour Prematurely Dressed In A Bee Costume

A UK woman, who didn’t even know she was pregnant, was out for a friends stag when she went into labour dressed in a bumblebee costume.

Ally Ashwell, 30, was out celebrating her friend’s upcoming wedding when she began to feel sick.

She then returned to her hotel room on her own because she “didn’t want to spoil the fun”.

There, a few minutes later, she began to give birth and delivered her son 14 weeks premature.

As soon as her water broke she dialed 999 (our equivalent to 911) but her baby, who she named Owen, was born very quickly, weighing just 2lb.

Baby and mom were transported to the intensive care, where Owen survived the crucial first few days and is now said to be making good progress.

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SOURCE:Ananova(Not longer online)


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