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Mom Has Quadruplets, 3 Years After Triplets

With the number of multiples arriving via fertility treatments, it is an unusual occurrence that an L.A. mom, Angela Magdaleno, got pregnant with quadruplet naturally.

The couple had triplets, three years ago, after undergoing in vitro fertilization. They wanted many babies, but after the triplets birth, she thought she was done having babies.

Then she got pregnant with the quadruplets, a fraternal set of twins and a possible identical set of twins.

“She wanted to run,” said her husband, Afredo Anzaldo, 45, who lays carpet for a living.

Her doctor, Kathryn Shaw, a high-risk pregnancy specialist, said did well during the pregnancy and developed no complications.

The latest additions — two girls and two boys — were doing well Wednesday, while their mother, resting at home, said: “I’m happy because they’re healthy and so am I.”

The babies were born at 32 weeks — well beyond the 29-week average for quadruplets. At birth, the girls were 4 pounds and 17 and 17.5 inches long; the boys about 3.5 pounds and 16 inches long.

The couple have not decided on names yet.

Dr. Shaw said the odds of conceiving quadruplets without fertility drugs are about one in 800,000. She’s seen only one other case of quadruplets being conceived without drugs — 18 years ago.

The babies are expected to be home in about 8 weeks. Angela will have help from two older daughters.

All 11 family members will be living in a one-bedroom apartment in east Los Angeles. She said the living room is large, but she isn’t sure what the family will do when the babies get bigger.

When the older girls are at school and her husband is at work, a friend has offered to help with the newborns and the triplets. “It’s a lot of work,” their mother said.

We wish this mom luck. She seems to be a little overwhelmed by the amount of work that is a head of her. Nine kids in such a small space will be challenging. I see a second job in this dad’s future especially if she’s not breastfeeding.

This is the family that needs donations. They DID plan the first 5, but DIDN’T plan the last 4. To the best of my knowledge they don’t have a registry or a website that is peddling diaper drives. It’s too bad, they would probably welcome some assistance.

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  • WOW, that poor mother! I just had twins and I have six kids total. I couldn’t imagine triplets and THEN quads!!! Kudos to them, I hope they get all the help they need!

  • Yikes! Eleven people in a 1 bedroom apartment? Why doent the TV shows give THEM a reality show? They could USE the help, rather than Jon,Kate plus eight! Look what they’ve done with their lives (divorcing?) With those beautiful children!the Anzaldo’s deserve the chance for a new house for their growing family and I’ll bet they won’t screw up their chance to provide for their children!I wish I knew of way to contribute money to them!

  • I remmber when I had my twins over 21 years ago and I thought I was over-run. Good luck and if I come across some extra cash I’ll send you some.

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