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Mom Sues Over 666 Baby

A Russian woman is suing the state after local officials gave her baby daughter the birth registration number 666.

Natalia Serepova, 33, from Stavropol, protested the number her daughter Marianna had been given was Satanic.

But when local authorities refused to change the number, which every new born child in Russia is given by local authorities, Serepova filed legal action.

She said: “I will not have my daughter given this number. It is the seal of the AntiChrist. It is the number of the beast and Satanic. It soils the soul of any Christian.”

A local court is due to hold an initial hearing on March 7.

I understand why this mom is so upset. Couldn’t this hopital just skip over this number and give the baby 667? It would be how there is no 13th floor on most buildings.


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