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Mom to Twin Boys gives Birth to Twin Girls!

Six years after Connor and Kyle were born, their mom got pregnant again, and much to the joy of the twin boys, she was again expecting two more!

25 year old Emma Powers says that she conceived both twins naturally though there are many who can’t believe that the family could be this lucky without treatments.

She adds that even her husband John was surprised when she went for a scan and called to tell him that she was again expecting twins.

She said, “It was a real shock. John didn’t believe me when I rang to tell him. I had to go to his work and show him the print-outs.

“We are always getting stopped on the street when we are out. Everyone always asks me if I had IVF – but it was all natural,” adds the mother.

The odds of a mother conceiving naturally twin boys and twin girls are 170,000 to 1.

Emma gave birth to her beautiful baby girls on 19th September, each weighing 6lbs. They are now at home at Tang Hall, York being pampered by their big brothers Connor and Kyle.

“They can be really annoying because they want to hold them all the time,” said Emma in her interview to the Mirror. “They have told everyone in school about their new sisters.”

The family is still not sure if the twin girls are identical and it will only be confirmed as they grow up. Emma says that she has two 21-year-old non-identical sisters in the family.  Fraternal twins often run in a family, while identicals are completely spontaneous.

She added: “Connor and Kyle look alike so they are more likely identical while the girls, I think, are not. The boys sometimes play tricks in school because they look the same and pretend to be each other.”

There will surely be more tricks coming her way as the younger set, who are waiting in the wings, will learn from their brothers!



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