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Mom Who Delivered Baby In Rush Hour Has Advice For Expectant Dads

This story is funny not because the baby arrived in an interesting place, but because of the new parents recollection of the events…

After Alex Taylor delivered her second child in the back of her car, she had these words of advice to men: “When your wife says she’s in labour, just believe her.”

Taylor said her husband, Paul, kept doubting she was in the final throes of labour for several hours before he actually saw the baby’s head crowning as he was driving them to RCH around 6 a.m. Monday.

“On the Pitt River bridge, the contractions were getting worse. I never swear at my husband, but when he started asking me stupid questions and telling me not to push, I just screamed, ‘Shut the ef up,'” said Taylor.

When she realized her infant, Isabella Lois, wasn’t going to wait, Taylor ripped off her pants, felt the baby’s head with her own hand and dangled her right leg out the window of her Mazda as they were approaching the entrance to Highway 1 on the Mary Hill Bypass.

“It was horrible and I just felt like I had no dignity,” she said, adding, “It’s so scary to deliver a baby on a highway.

“I’m a private person so it’s a little embarrassing.”

A car being driven by two Vancouver firefighters on their way to work was right behind the Pitt Meadows couple and when the carpooling pair en route to their hall at 12th Avenue and Quebec Street realized why a woman was screaming and positioned that way, they pulled up behind the vehicle as it stopped in front of them.

“Even with our windows closed, we could hear her yelling ‘I told you so,'” said firefighter Paul Gobillot.

The off duty firefighters assisted in the delivery of the baby.

Now that baby Isabella is here and healthy, the new mom “apologized to anyone who was late for work because they slowed traffic up.”

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