Mom With Rare Rudimentary Horn Welcomes Tiny Baby

A twenty-four-year-old Indian woman from Sattari has successfully given birth to a three-and-a-half-pound health baby boy despite the fact that the baby had developed in a rudimentary horn instead of the woman’s uterus.

rudimentary horn

The mother involved has had complications conceiving a child for the last three years but in 2009 she was finally successful. She believes that her problems stem from a congenital abnormality in her spinal cord. In 1998 Doctors had to insert a thirty-centimeter rod into her spin in order to correct the abnormality.

A healthy uterus is formed when two ducts are fused together. On rare occasions during the development of a uterus, a rudimentary horn may form instead of a secondary duct. As a result individuals that develop a rudimentary horn also have a small-sized uterus. During pregnancy, the baby has a small chance of developing within the rudimentary horn which results in life-threatening complications during pregnancy. Since the rudimentary horn is not connected to the uterine cavities transfer of food and oxygen from the mother to the baby is affected.

“The fact that the baby survived and is healthy is a miracle”(infertility specialist Dr. Kedar Padte).

Usually, during rudimentary horn pregnancies, the thin horn wall will rupture fourteen weeks into the pregnancy. In this case Doctors discovered that the baby was still confined within the rudimentary horn at week thirty one which was interfering with the baby’s development. At week thirty-three the Doctors decided to perform a c-section to prevent further complications.

“The rudimentary horn after the baby’s delivery was just 1 cm thick and 3 cm wide. It was like a thin balloon that could have ruptured at any moment. Such a thin layer of muscle in the uterus is rarely known to carry a pregnancy and ensure the survival of the baby” (Dr. Padte).

The baby was delivered seven weeks early but appears to be doing fine despite the rare complications surrounding the birth. The family (who chose to conceal their identity) and the Doctors involved are still amazed that the baby survived such a medical miracle. – Jeff, Staff Writer

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